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Chapter 1: Flowchart
Short History Of C
Problem Solving Techniques
Chapter 2: Structure of C Program
Pointers And Arrays
Passing Structure Pointers To Functions
Structures Pointers
Chapter 3: Simple C Program
Returning Pointers To Local Variables From Functions
Passing Structure Pointers To Functions
Array Of Pointers
Chapter 4: Basic Data Types
Array Of Pointers
Programming Basics And Vocabulary
Header Files
Chapter 5: Arithmetic,Relational and Logical Operators
Relational & Logical Operators
Statements & Blocks
Increment & Decrement Operators
Chapter 6: Conditional Operator, Bit-Wise Operators
Cast Operator & Sizeof Operato
Conditional Operator
Nested For Loops
Static Variables
Bitwise Operators
Bitwise Operators
Writing A Simple C Program
If, Else If, Else Statements
Chapter 7: Designing Structured Programs
Programming In C
If Statement Decision
Programming In C
Programming In C
Programming In C
While Loops
Chapter 8: Dynamic Memory Allocation
Dynamic Memory Allocation - Part 1
Dynamic Memory Allocation - Part 2
Chapter 9: File Management
1.file Management
3.opening And Closing Files
4.opening And Closing Files To Upload Data Into The File To Retrieve Data From File To Delete Data From File To Delete Data From File
Chapter 10: Pointers
1.introduction To Pointers
3.concept Of Pointers
4.concept Of Pointers
5.pointers And Arrays
Chapter 11: Structures and unions
1.structures And Unions
2.structures - Part 1
3.structures - Part 2
Chapter 12: Functions
1.functions -part 1
2.functions-part 2
3.functions -part 3
4.functions -part 4(a)
5.functions-part 4(b)
Chapter 13: Strings
String Handling -part1
String Handling -part2
String Handling -part3(a)
String Handling -part3(b)
Chapter 14: Arrays
1.introduction To Arrays To Write Simple Array Program
3.arrays - Part 1
4.arrays - Part 2
Chapter 15: Managing Input and Output
Inputting - Part 1
Inputting - Part 2
Outputting - Part 1
Outputting - Part 2
Chapter 16: Looping
1.for Loop
2.while Loop
3.while Loop Loop Loop
Chapter 17: Control Statements
Control Statements - Part1
Control Statements - Part2
Control Statements - Part3
Control Statements - Part4(a)
Control Statements - Part4(b)
Chapter 18: Operators and Expression
Operators - Part1
Operators - Part2
Chapter 19: Data Types
Data Types - Part1
Data Types - Part2
Data Types - Part3
Chapter 20: Variables
3.scope Of Variables
Chapter 21: Constants
Chapter 22: Introduction
Introduction 1
Introduction 2
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