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BodhBridge Sales Partner / Franchise Model

Responsibilities of BodhBridge ESPL:

  • Gives access to established branded products like BodhBridge,, Placement Ready, MCMF (My Choice, My Future), Local Guru.
  • BodhBridge's Marketing Team will support you in answering the marketing/sales queries.
  • BodhBridge helps you with its experience to set up your business enterprise smoothly.
  • All new partners and their team members will undergo a basic training to understand our products. Specific training will be given on request.
  • Access to standard business procedures.
  • Operations Support is provided by BodhBridge.
  • Placement Ready will be maintained by Bodhbridge
  • Good Revenue ensured based on Performance

Responsibilities of the Sales Partner/Franchisee:

  • Establish contact with schools, colleges and pitch the product
  • Need to invest a small amount of money towards franchisee fee and other capital and operational expenses.
  • Give Product Demos to the management of schools and colleges
  • Sell the Product to a School or a College
  • Mobilize various resources as and when required.
  • Responsible for product delivery and service support
  • Responsible for cash collection

Eligibility to become BodhBridge Sales Partner/Franchisee:

  • Sales Partner should have access to colleges and students
  • Team should have good managerial skills and good in marketing and sales.
  • Sales Partner should have experience in selling educational products and services to colleges and schools
  • Individuals and Companies/Firms across the country are eligible to apply

If you are interested to become Sales Partner or buy a franchisee in your region, you can send your profile containing the above eligibility and experience to, 9840127895.

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