Local Guru manages, customizes and delivers the best content in the world for local needs. It will be installed in the local area network (LAN) of educational institutions. It includes HTTP Video streaming facility and more than 10000 videos are indexed and can be searched with keywords.

Features & Benefits of LocalGuru Software:

  • Easy Access to High Quality Learning Materials.
  • No Bandwidth Constraints (Internet connection not required while accessing from College LAN).
  • Improves Technical Skills and also improves Employability.
  • NPTEL material is indexed to GATE Exam Syllabus (www.btechguru.com/GATE).
  • Useful for GATE preparation (Entrance exam for IITs and eligibility test for all Public Sector companies) in India.
  • Improves academic scores using high quality teaching.
  • Easy access to videos using Advance search and Keyword search.
  • College Administrative Login with User Analytics.
  • College can track and monitor students usage and performance.
  • You can add questions and conduct LAN based exams using our software.
  • College Content Management System (CMS) with video & text content upload option.
  • You can add/delete content through admin module.
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