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Chapter 1: Theory Of Computation Introduction
Theory Of Computation Cs-73 Bca
Introduction To Computing
Chapter 2: Finite Automation
Finite State Automaton
Deterministic Finite Automata
Finite State Machines
Finite State Machines
Chapter 3: Context Free Grammar
Finite State Automaton
Finite State Machines
Context Free Languages
Cfls And Compilers
Context Free Languages
Context Free Languages Part 1
Context Free Languages Part 2
Cfgs And Npdms Part 1
Cfgs And Npdms Part 3
Cfgs And Npdms Part 2
Pushdown Machines Automata
Chapter 4: Closure and Nondeterminism
1.closure And Nondeterminism
3.closure And Nondeterminism
2.closure And Nondeterminism
4.closure And Nondeterminism
5.closure And Nondeterminism
Closure And Nondeterminism Part4
6.closure And Nondeterminism
7.closure And Nondeterminism
8.1.closure And Nondeterminism
8.2.closure And Nondeterminism
8.3.closure And Nondeterminism
Chapter 5: The Pumping Lemma
1.the Pumping Lemma
2.the Pumping Lemma
3.the Pumping Lemma
4.the Pumping Lemma
5.the Pumping Lemma
6.the Pumping Lemma
7.the Pumping Lemma
8.the Pumping Lemma
9.1.the Pumping Lemma
9.2.the Pumping Lemma
Chapter 6: Minimization of DFAs
Notations For Dfa And Nfa
Minimized Dfa
Minimization Of Dfas
Minimization Of Dfas
Chapter 7: Computability Theory
Introductory Computability Theory - Turing Machine Introduction
Turing Machine
The Halting Problem
Chapter 8: Push Down Automate
Push Down Automata
Pda, Pushdown Automata , Pda For 0n1n , Push Down Automata Example
Pda For 0n12n , Push Down Automata Example, Pda By Sak, Pushdown Automata
Pushdown Machines Automata
Equivalence Between Pda And Cfg
Operations On Push Down Automata
Chapter 9: Turing
The Church-turing Thesis: Story And Recent Progress
Turing Machine
How To Program In Turing?
Chapter 10: NDFA
1.ndfa - Part 1
2.ndfa - Part 2
3.ndfa - Part 3
4.ndfa - Part 4
5.ndfa - Part 5
6.ndfa - Part 6
7.ndfa - Part 7
8.1.ndfa - Part 8
8.2.ndfa - Part 9
8.3.ndfa - Part 10
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