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Chapter 1: Web Technologies
Web Technologies
World Wide Web - Part 1
World Wide Web - Part 2
Chapter 2: HTML
Case Study Part One Database
Case Study - Part 2 Database Design
Chapter 3: XML
Xml Introductory Concepts
Xml Advanced Concepts
Xml Databases
Chapter 4: Relational Model
Relational Model 1
Relational Model 2
Chapter 5: Tuple Calculus
Relational Model
Object Oriented Databases 2
Chapter 6: Query Languages(SQL)
Structured Query Language
Structured Query Language Ii
-storage Structures
Query Processing And Optimization
Query Processing And Optimization Ii
Query Processing And Optimization Iii
Case Study: Mysql
Chapter 7: File Structures
Introduction To Data Warehousing And Olap 2
Chapter 8: Transactions and Concurrency Control
Transaction Processing Concepts
Transaction Processing And Database Manager
Foundation For Concurrency Control
Concurrency Control Part -1
Concurrency Control Part -2
Concurrency Control Part -3
Concurrency Control Part -4
Concurrency Control For Distributed System
Recovery Mechanism 3
Chapter 9: Basic Phases in Commit Protocol
Basic 2-phase And 3-phase Commit Protocol
Chapter 10: Distributed Transaction Models
Distributed Transaction Models
Chapter 11: Relational Algebra
Relational Model
Chapter 12: Integrity Constraints
Er Model To Relational Mapping
Functional Dependencies And Normal Form
Er Model To Relational Model Mapping
Chapter 13: Normal Forms
Conceptual Designs
Indexing Techniques Single Level
Chapter 14: Database Design
Introduction To Database Management System
Conceptual Designs
Conceptual Designs
Indexing Techniques Multi-level
Introduction To Transaction Recovery
Constraints And Triggers
Introduction To Data Warehousing And Olap
Oracle & Microsoft Access
Recovery Mechanisms Ii
Data Mining And Knowledge Discovery
Data Mining And Knowledge Discovery
Object Oriented Databases
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