Exam Gauge

ExamGauge is an assessment platform where students can be assessed on various employability skills like aptitude, Reasoning, verbal ability, programming ability, etc. ExamGauge provides detailed employability analysis report to the student and the college management.

Highlights of ExamGauge

1. ExamGauge specializes in Company Specific Mock Tests.
2. ExamGauge conducts exams based on company specific model questions (like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, CTS, Accenture, IBM, etc.. model papers)
3. ExamGauge has more than 20000 customized assessment questions in our data base.
4. ExamGauge has specialized assessment engine designed for a real time exam.
5. Colleges who are using our mock tests have improved their campus placements.
6. ExamGauge tests students skills on Technical, Aptitude, Reasoning, Programming and English.

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