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Chapter 1: Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation
Listening, Speaking, And Pronunciation Part2
Listening, Speaking, And Pronunciation Part1
Listening, Speaking, And Pronunciation Part3
Listening, Speaking, And Pronunciation Part4
Chapter 2: Greeting and Introducing
Greetings Vocab & Phrases
How To Use Vocab & Phrases To Greating People?
Chapter 3: Making Formal Speech(welcome address,valedictory note,farewell address)
Business English (formal Speech)
Example For First Formal Speech
1.organizing A Speech Into Parts
Listening, Speaking, And Pronunciation
2.public Speaking Tips: Body Language
3.speaking Clearly In Public Speeches
4.public Speaking Prep: Smile & Frown
5.articulation Drill For Public Speaking: Uh & Ah
6.using Similes In Public Speaking
8.cultural Differences In Public Speaking
7.avoiding Stereotypes In Public Speaking
9.using Slang In Public Speaking
9.1.using Transitional Statements In Public Speaking
Chapter 4: Sentences Formation
Sentence Structure
Listening, Speaking, And Pronunciation
How To Ask Questions?
Chapter 5: Giving Directions
How To Give Directions?
Giving Directions Part1
How To Get Directions?
Chapter 6: Telephone conversation
Telephone Conversation Part1
Telephone English Conversation Part2
Handling An Office Phone Call
Useful Phrases While Speaking In Telephone
Professional Phone Etiquette : Phone Etiquette For Making A Call
Professional Phone Etiquette : Phone Etiquette: Verbal Responses
Professional Phone Etiquette : Phone Etiquette: Attitude & Tone
Professional Phone Etiquette : Phone Etiquette: Pitch, Tone & Inflection
Professional Phone Etiquette : Phone Etiquette: Speed, Volume & Articulation
Professional Phone Etiquette : Phone Etiquette For Putting People On Hold
Professional Phone Etiquette : Preparing To Record Voicemail Greetings
Professional Phone Etiquette : What Not To Do When Leaving A Phone Message
Professional Phone Etiquette : Taking Good Phone Messages
Professional Phone Etiquette : Professional Phone Etiquette
Business Dress & Etiquette : Cell Phone Calls During Business
Chapter 7: Conversation
Class Room Conversation
English Conversation 1 01
English Conversation 1 02
English Conversation 1 08
English Conversation
English Conversation 1 03
English Conversation 1 04
English Conversation 1 05
English Conversation 1 06
English Conversation 1 07
English Conversation 1 09
English Conversation 1 10
English Conversation 1 11
English Conversation 1 12
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