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Chapter 1: KCL and KVL
Number Of Kcl And Kvl Equations In A Circuit
Kirchhoffs Current Law(kcl)
Number Of Independent Kcl Equations
Kcl With An Opamp And Supply Currents
Number Of Independent Kvl Equations And Branch
Chapter 2: Node and mesh analysis
Brief Introduction To Modified Nodal Analysis
Choice Of Nodal Versus Mesh Analysis
Supernode For Nodal Analysis With Independent Voltage
Pushing A Voltage Source Through A Node
Chapter 3: Sinusoidal steady-state analysis
R, L, C In Sinusoidal Steady State
Sinusoidal Steady State Response Of Rc And Rlc Circuits
Three Methods Of Calculating The Sinusoidal Steady State
Chapter 4: Resonance
Torsional Transients: Phenomena Of Sub-synchronous Resonance
Sub-synchronous Resonance. Stability Improvement
Chapter 5: Basic filter concepts
The Haar Filter Bank
Haar Filter Bank Analysis And Synthesis
Iterating The Filter Bank From Psi, Phi
Z-domain Analysis Of Multirate Filter Bank
Two Channel Filter Bank
Daubechies Filter Banks - Conjugate Quadrature Filters
The Lattice Structure For Orthogonal Filter Banks
Modulation Analysis And The 3-band Filter Bank, Applications
M-band Filter Banks And Looking Ahead
Tutorial On Two Band Filter Bank
Frequency Domain Analysis Of Two Band Filter Bank
Lcl Filter Design
Loop Filter Architectures
Chapter 6: Thevenin's, Norton's and Superposition and Maximum Power Transfer theorems
Thevenin And Norton (theorem And) Equivalent Circuits
Thevenins Theorem
Worked Out Example: Thevenins Theorem
Nortons Theorem
Worked Out Example: Nortons Theorem
Chapter 7: Two-port networks
Two Port Parameters
Two Port Parameters-y Parameters
Two Port Parameters(z, H, And G)
Chapter 8: Three phase circuits
Sudden Short Circuit Of Three Phase Alternator - Analytical Solution
Sudden Short Circuit Of Three Phase Alternator - Numerical Simulation
Chapter 9: Ampere's and Biot-Savart's laws
Em Field And Transport Equations
Chapter 10: Inductance
Capacitive And Inductive Parasitic
Inductances In Constant Air Gap Machines
Inductance In Salient Pole Machine - I
Inductance In Salient Pole Machine - Ii
Inductance In Salient Pole Machine - Iii
Inductance In Salient Pole Machine - Iv
Inductance In Salient Pole Machine - V
Inductances Of Distributed Winding - I
Inductances Of Distributed Winding - Ii
Inductances Of Distributed Winding - Iii
Chapter 11: Capacitance
Capacitive And Inductive Parasitic
Mos Capacitances
Output Resistance Calculations For Op Amp
Ac- Applications Of The Op-amp And Lock In Amplifier Design
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