USIEF Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral and PhD Professional Research Fellowships USA 2013-14

                                                          FULBRIGHT-NEHRU FELLOWSHIPS
Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral and Professional Research Fellowships 2013-2014

Ph.D and Professional Research Fellowships for the applicants of India, 2012-14 USA


In addition to the General Pre-requisites, the applicant should (who are working on their Ph.D) have done adequate research in the relevant field, especially in the identification of resources in India and the US

They should be registered for the Ph.D at an Indian institution at least one year prior to the date of application and should enclose a certificate from their Ph.D supervisor commencing on their research work and the usefulness of the fellowship, and indicating the Ph.D registration date.

Who are professionals should have a master’s degree and substantive professional experience in the proposed field;

Should apply through proper channel, if employed

Should enclose a writing sample which could be a copy of an article or paper published/presented or extracts from the M.Phil thesis and Should preferably be 45 years of age or below

Scholarship Description: These research fellowships, for a maximum period of nine months, are designed for scholars who are registered for a Ph.D at an Indian institution and also for professionals with significant work experience and accomplishments

The fellowships provide a monthly stipend, accident and sickness program for exchanges per US Govt guidelines, round-trip economy class air travel, applicable allowances and modest affiliation fees, if any

Selection scholars will have opportunities to audit non-degree courses, conduct research and gain practical work experience in suitable settings in the US

No allowances are provided for dependents

How to apply:

By post or by electronically

Application material can be downloaded from this website

Applicants who wish to obtain the relevant application form through e-mail (as an attachment) may send a request to, specifying the grant category in the subject line

You can apply for only One Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship category during a competition cycle

Please follow the instructions given on the first page of each fellowship application form

Unless otherwise specified, you are required to submit your completed application as an e-mail attachment

In addition, you should print a copy of your application and sign it

If you are not employed, please forward the signed copy to the USIEF office in your region

If you are employed, you should forward the signed copy of your application (including enclosures, if any) through the appropriate administrative authority, to the USIEF office within your region

In case of central or state government employees, the signed copy of your application should be forwarded through the cadre controlling authority so as to reach USIEF by the application deadline

Applications must reach USIEF by the specified due date or the following business day if the due date falls on a weekend/holiday

Incomplete or late applications or applications not forwarded through the proper channel will not be considered

Applicants are also advised to request three referees to send in their recommendations as per the instructions given on the first page of each fellowship application form

The recommendations should be sent to the Executive Director, USIEF, Fulbright House, 12 Hailey Road, New Delhi-110001 by the application due date

In case of employed candidates, the employer’s comments in the application form must indicate that leave will be granted for the fellowship

All entries in the application form must be computer-generated and not hand-written

Please do not exceed the word limit or attach additional pages to answer questions, unless otherwise specified
Scholarship application deadline:

16th July, 2012

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