Things to be carried to the consulate

General Information
This is the list of things that you are supposed to carry along with you to the consulate for the VISA interview. This information is to the best of my knowledge as far as US Consulate at Mumbai is concerned. I arranged all the materials in a "HARMONIUM" file. This is a kind of file which has many sections and has a small tag holder for every section, where you can place a small tag about what the section holds, so that when u put your finger on that tab and open the section you get the required documents. You can get a "HARMONIUM" style file for around 250 to 325 Rs.
Now getting back to the list of documents, they are listed as I arranged them in order from the outermost section in my file-folder. Its upto your convenience as to how you arrange them.


Materials to be carried along


I-20(signed) and Admission Letter of the University you want the VISA for + AID Letter (if any)


I-20s and Admission Letters / Acceptance Letters / Rejection Letters of other Univs you applied to


GRE & TOEFL Score Reports (Originals)


Bank Passbook of the SB or Current type account + Bank Certificate(Opt) + Papers clarifying big entries in your PASSBOOK (Click to learn more)


INCOME PAPERS :->IT return Statement of your sponsors( Form 16) /If your sponsor is into business..BUSINESS Papers + Agricultural Income Proof (click to learn more)


CA Statement + Affidavit of Support


FIXED Deposits + (ICICI or RBI or else) Bonds + Private FDs


LIC + UTI + PF + PPF + Super-Annuation Papers of your sponsor


NSC + Indira Vikas Patra + Kisan Vikas Patra + Share Certificates


House Tax Bill(Previous) + Land Papers (If showing agricultural income or immovable) + Factory Papers (If into mfg)+ Evaluation of Land &/+ House ( to show the value of your immovable)


Emails of correspondence with professors of your Univ + SOP + Biodata


Degree Certificate / Provisional Degree Certificate / Bonafide Certificate from your College


Original Marksheets of your Undergrad, HSC, SSC + Transcripts for your college and for HSC(SSC transcripts not needed)


Attested Photocopies of all the documents(not required, but I believed in being Xtra-Cautious)


PASSPORT + VISA Form + 37 mm x 37 mm VISA Photographs, with white background( 2 Nos) + Drafts( 1. 2115 Rs 2. 3525 Rs. {get Rupee equivalent of a dollar i.e the exchange rate and make drafts accordingly, at my time the exchange rates were 1$ = 47 Rs, the original amounts are 45$ and 75$} Click here to know more)

If sponsor is employed then...

Salary Certificate (Latest) and Employment Certificate if sponsor is doing a job. If tax is deducted at the source by the company, carry the TDS certificate as well.

If sponsor is a businessman then...

Income-Tax Returns of the Company (atleast 2 years).
Title / Partnership deed.
Passbook of the business account.

Additional Documents (Not mandatory)

Fund Flow Statement

Jewellery Evaluation

House Evaluation

Land Evaluation

Things to be kept in your mind while preparing the file and all the other document:

  • Take both copies of your I-20m (the School Copy as well as the Student Copy). SIGN both the copies.
  • Carry the original GRE & TOEFL Score reports and produce them when asked for your scores.
  • Carry the Bank Passbook/Bank Statement (Originals) of your sponsor...In Case of a distant Co-Sponsor, you can carry the photocopies of these documents.
  • Originals of FDs of your main sponsor are required, whereas Photocopies of FDs of Co-Sponsor will suffice.
  • Take IT return papers of last 2 years.
  • The VISA photographs are known to the Studio people, so you just go and tell them to get a VISA photograph. It is a photograph, showing your face closely. It has a white background, and its dimensions are 37 mm X 37 mm.

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