Electrical and Electronics Engineering/Statement of purpose-5


Department: Electrical Engineering (Electro physics)

       No one in the modern world today is untouched by the effects of electrical and electronics. Its omnipresence and its ever-changing face is what fascinate most of us. Thus, it was only natural, for me to get interested in electronics. I had the delightful opportunity of pursuing this interest as a career, by virtue of my rank in the prestigious Joint Entrance Examination for IITs. I secured 364th position out of around a hundred thousand aspirants and was thus able to choose Electrical Engineering at IIT DELHI.

      Solid State Devices was the course that introduced me to the field of Physical Electronics. As the course progressed, I started developing an interest towards Devices. The next level elective, Device Modeling, introduced me to various device models. It was during this course that my interest evolved to a fascination.

    I am doing a project on Hetero Emitter Bipolar Transistors. In this project, I am concerned with the modeling and simulation of HEBTs. I am trying to work out a charge transport model, which will simulate HEBTs, taking into account the recombination of electrons and holes due to the Fermi level splitting (into quasi-Fermi levels) and tunneling, at the conduction band edge well, which forms at the heterojunction contact.

    To gain information on HEBTs, I have started reading Journals and Technical Letters. Going through papers to get information about the application of heterojunctions, I came across the classic example of Double Heterojunction LASER. This kindled an interest in me for Lasers and Photonics along with Quantum and Opto-electronics. Although courses directly related to these topics were not offered in my undergraduate program, nevertheless I have started reading about these on my own with the help of the excellent library facilities available at IIT DELHI.

    Besides courses in Physical electronics, I have taken up additional courses like Digital Electronics, Analog and Digital IC design apart from compulsory courses like Principles of Electronics and Analog circuits to further my understanding of electronic circuits and modern IC design principles.

    Due to my growing interest in Compound Semiconductors I have taken up a graduate level course in my final semester to study their properties and applications. After building up the above background at the undergraduate level, I now wish to go in for higher studies to enhance my knowledge by doing useful research. I would like to emphasize here that just getting a post-graduate degree is not my aim. I believe that "Knowledge imparted is Knowledge gained" so I wish to teach and disseminate the knowledge I gain.  To gain a first hand experience at teaching, I took up the post of Teaching Assistant in my 7th semester (fall of 2000), for the basic third (3rd) semester course, Principles of Electronics at IIT-Delhi. Even though the Syllabus was same as before, the way I approached the course now was entirely different than before. My aim now was not just securing good grades, but to see things in a clearer perspective, to enable myself to clear others' doubts. This was a pleasant learning experience.

    I have seen through your website and the work going on in the Photonics center and labs like CSL (Compound Semiconductor Laboratory) match with my present interests. Combining my interest for learning and teaching, I presume I am motivated enough to pursue research actively, and contribute my bit towards the ever increasing human knowledge. I have an excellent academic record. I was always among the toppers in school. In my public examinations at class 10th and class 12th level, I secured 94.2% and 93.75% respectively. I was among the top few students, at class 10th level, who were awarded with the National Talent Search Scholarship in 1994, at an All India level by the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT).

    I have gained knowledge as well as valuable experience here at IIT DELHI. The excellent teaching and learning atmosphere have strengthened my resolve to enter the world of Academics and Research. The tough routine has taught me that teamwork and patience is the key for doing good academic and research work.

   Thus, I am applying to Electro physics program in Electrical Engineering department of your University for an MS (ultimate aim being a PhD), requesting you for financial assistance. It would be an honor for me to join your University, as I strongly believe that University of Southern California is the best place for me to realize my aims and aspirations.

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