Electrical and Electronics Engineering/Statement of purpose-1

                         I am interested in pursuing a research career which involves innovative thinking and at the same time is able to meet the ever-increasing, multifarious demands of our society and industry. The inherent nature of these problems is that they do not have a standard, well defined solution. Instead, they call for competence in acute reasoning, identification of problem areas, defining of problems and mathematically formulating them in order to arrive at an optimal solution. My innate liking and aptitude for solving such problems has motivated me to pursue undergraduate studies in Electrical Engineering, which I feel offers immense scope for creativity, and therefore I intend to pursue research in this burgeoning field.

           My motivation coupled with my ability to assimilate new ideas  has propelled me through my schooling with an exemplary academic record and enabled me to perform exceedingly well in the highly competitive All India I.I.T-J.E.E examination and secure admission in the B.Tech program in the prestigious institution, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

The beginning of my interest in the field of Communication Networks and Signal Processing was the course on signals and systems, where the idea of representing information in the form of a signal, effectively coding and re-interpreting it, greatly fascinated me. After I developed an Image Compression package*, my interest deepened in the area of Image Processing.    

          In order to gain a practical insight into the applications of  this area, I took up my senior year project in the area of Image Capturing and Processing for Video Conferencing over Local Area Networks*. It has given me exposure to the various techniques of image and video coding and has enhanced my knowledge on the various networking protocols such as TCP/IP and RTP and has been greatly responsible for furthering my interest in the field of Computer Networks. To augment my knowledge in this area, I will be crediting a graduate course on Computer Communication Networks next semester.                        

I have performed exceedingly well in the first two years of undergraduate study. My junior year performance was adversely affected by the sudden demise of my grandmother. But with my perseverance and hardwork, I have been able to perform well and have secured a G.P.A of 8.55/10.0** in the six Professional Theory and two Professional Practice courses this semester.                       


*   Please refer resume for details

** The highest grade awarded in two of these courses was ‘A’ (9/10) and I have secured  

      This. Official transcripts of 7th semester to be sent soon.

             As we march into the next millenium of Science and Technology, we face the intriguing problem of colossal demand for high speed Communication and Networking systems. My final objective is to secure a challenging position in an organization actively involved in research   and development of high performance signal    processing     and networking systems which would cater to the needs of tomorrow. Having grasped the fundamentals of Electrical Engineering in my undergraduate study, I firmly believe that doctoral studies would be a fitting sequel which would offer me new avenues to explore. I have chosen to apply to the Polytechnic University, Brooklyn because of its excellent research oriented graduate program, reputed faculty and state of art facilities. I find that the ongoing research activities at your university in the field of Computer Communication Networks and Signal Processing match with my interests.  I firmly believe that pursuing graduate studies at your esteemed University will help me fulfil my ambition to be able to make significant contribution to advancement in the field of Science and Technology someday.

         I strongly believe that with my undeterred enthusiasm, capacity for hardwork, my computer and experimental skills, I will be able to successfully complete my graduate studies. I hope my credentials merit me admission at your University with full financial assistance.

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