Mechanical Engineering/Statement of purpose-6

                                      My inquisitive nature has always been the driving force for me to explore and learn. This basic instinct has developed into an interest in science and technology, identifying that my interests lie in engineering. Realizing the necessity of a conducive atmosphere to nurture my interests I toiled hard to get into the premier technological institutes in India, Indian Institutes of Technology. My efforts had paid off when I had made it to the top 0.5% of more than a hundred thousand people who competed for the J.E.E. (Joint Entrance Examination) and got into IIT Madras.

              Man's attempt at mathematically modeling objects of study and then using these models to reason, predict, draw new meanings and interpretations have always fascinated me. When I was first told that the boomerang returned back when whirled away, I only thought that this was a story. When I came to know that this was actually true, probably the seeds of my interest in fluid dynamics were sown. After carefully considering my areas of interests and my academic background, I have chosen to pursue my higher studies in Computational and theoretical fluid dynamics. The introductory courses that I credited during the course of my undergraduate study and my visit to A.D.A.(Aeronautical Development Agency)further convinced me that the choice was rightly made.


           Undergraduate education emphasized mainly on the exposure to fundamentals of various fields in the branch. The core courses in mathematics gave me a good exposure to calculus and numerical methods. I was first introduced to fluid dynamics in my freshman year in the first course in physics. I learnt the basics of fluid statics & dynamics and gas dynamics, in the courses titled “Foundations of fluid dynamics” and “Applied Thermodynamics”, respectively, during my sophomore year. During my junior year I learnt about the applications of these areas when I underwent the courses on “Heat transfer” and “Turbo machines”.


           I audited the graduate level course “ Computational Aerodynamics” during my junior year. In this, I learnt about various schemes of solving the flow equations and their stability analysis. I implemented most of the algorithms dealt with in the class and solved the flow through a tube by the 'time marching scheme' and generated structured (laplacian) grids & unstructured (By boundary triangulation) grids for a given geometry. I am presently involved in the generation of the profile of a droplet surface on a plane surface under the forces of surface tension and its own mass. These assignments, apart from giving me a lot of programming experience and a better understanding of the subject, have taught me the art of good organization of the codes to simplify the job. This has instilled in me the confidence that I will do well in my graduate studies.


          To consolidate my knowledge in the areas of my interest I have learnt about the lifting line model of aircraft. I am also crediting the courses “Hypersonic Flow Theory” and “ Advanced Aerodynamics” in the next semester. The course “Advanced Aerodynamics” involves the evaluation of lift by vortex methods. 


           The broad-based and well-balanced undergraduate program at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras has played an important role in shaping my interest in fluid dynamics. However, understanding that this is just the launching pad for my foray into the Fluid Dynamics, I have tried to read more about the subject (from books such as “Boundary Layer Theory” Schlichting)  myself.


       As I went through the web pages of your university and Computational Simulation and Design center,  I found that the work on computational fluid dynamics parallels  my areas of interests very closely. My interests mainly lie in compressible fluid dynamics. Given an opportunity, I would feel privileged to work at Computational Simulation and Design center.


    I believe that with my capacity to work hard, an interest in the subject and academic background, I will be competent enough to excel in my graduate studies. Given an opportunity I am sure that I will be able to justify to the fullest, the confidence reposed in me. Since it wouldn’t be feasible for me to fund my studies, I look forward to a favorable consideration of my application with financial support.   

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