Chemical Engineering/Statement of purpose-1



                                                    As I come to the ending phase of my undergraduate study in Chemical Engineering at IIT, Madras, I have decided to pursue a career in research which would integrate all the fundamental concepts of Chemical Engineering. I feel that by pursuing graduate studies in Food Science / Engineering, I would be accomplishing my career objective. In the following paragraphs, I have briefly described my background, research interests and why I plan to pursue graduate studies in Food Science at your University.


I did my graduate studies at IIT, Madras, one of the most prestigious institutions in India. In my freshman year at IIT Madras I had a thorough exposure to Basic Sciences like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry by doing courses in each of them. From my sophomore year, I was introduced to all the core areas of Chemical Engineering like Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Reaction Engineering and Thermodynamics. I also had an exposure to applied areas of Chemical Engineering like Polymer Science and Environmental Engineering.


All through my undergraduate years I had been maintaining a very good academic record. I had shown a deep interest in projects and assignments which involve extensive research. For more details refer to resume.


During my undergraduate years, I had developed a sound interest in the areas of Fluid Mechanics, Heat & Mass Transfer, Polymer Science, Rheology of Polymers and Microbiology. The concepts of heat transfer have always interested me. In addition to a core course heat transfer I am doing my B.Tech. Project in heat transfer .My project is to develop an expert system for the computer-aided design of heat exchanger and I am doing it under the guidance of Dr Sreenivas Jayanti. While working on my project I have picked up a substantial amount of practical information on heat exchangers.



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