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Tell me about urself?

My name is gulab pamnani, my native place is raipur which is capital of chattishgarh, I did my schooling from holy cross higher secondary school raipur and then I did my graduation from government engg. College raipur in mechanical engg. I gave gate in year in the year 2005 and joined iit madras with specialization in mechanical design and presently I m working with Dr. Raju sethuraman on the project elasto plastic stress- srtain determination in the notched specimen subjected to nono- proportional loading. I have interest in the field of FEA

What u knows about our company? Which areas we are we working in? Why do u want to join our company? If you find any other company better than ours what will you do??

GE is mainly in six businesses

GE healthcareàhere new technologies are getting developed for the detection of disease and helping physician,

GE infrastructureàis one of the leading providers of technologies for oil and gas, aviation,energy

 Commercial financeàGE Commercial Finance provides loans, operating financing programs, commercial insurance

GE moneyàGE Consumer Finance is a leading provider of credit services to consumers, retailers and automotive dealers around the world.

 GE industrialàGE Industrial provides a broad range of products and services throughout the world, including appliances and lighting; plastics and silicones products

 NBC universalàNBC Universal is one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production and marketing of entertainment, news and information to a global audience.

Imagine solve build and lead are the values in which company believes in

GE is my dream company from the last year of my graduation

I heard about the work culture, freedom that GE gives to employees, exposure, and learning


Which areas u r interested in? What you want to do in our company??

Ans:-I m interested in the area of FEA and would like to work in the same field in ur company I have also chosen by project in the same field.

What r u r strengths and weaknesses? What u r doing to get rid of those weaknesses? Tell 5 areas where you want improve urself ??



1)      Optimistic:- During the last year of my graduation when I was preparing for the GATE exams I didn’t applied for any of the companies which came to our college for requirement as I was optimistic about my selection in GATE.

2)      Hardworking: When  I was in the last sem of my graduation I have to prepare for the GATE, look for my last sem exams and also to complete my project so I have to put my maximum effort for all this and I was successful with my gate rank as AIR 54 and also got 78% in the last sem.

3)      Good at team work: in our institute we use to conduct a cultural function every year in the last year during march we as a group of 12 students handed over the responsibility of getting sponsorship so we divide ourselves into 3 groups and then contacted the person for sponsorship and we were successful to get a sponsorship of 2.0 lakhs

4)      Never give up in odd condition: here while working in project I was stuck with the problem and wasn’t able to get the reason behind the deviation in result for a week, then I talk to my guide consult with Phd guys about the problem search in net and finally I got the solution

5)      Learning and implementation:



1)      I get bored if said to sit idle doing nothing

2)      Sometime while helping friends I will put myself as secondary preference

How many friends you have?? If we ask ur friends about you what they will tell (quote at least 5)


My friends will say that I m convivial, vivacious, dependable, never take much tension, hard working by nature

Who is ur role model? Why?

My mother is my role model as I have seen her working from morning to night 12 without any complaints and smile in her face and she never gives up in odd situations she takes care of all the responsibilities and is strength of mine.


Ans:- Listening songs, sudoku solving

Your achievements??

Today I m a part of this great institute this is the greatest achievement of mine.

Why do u think u r the right person for this job? What will I get by offering u this job?

Ans:- As GE is working in the field of FEA analysis and also u need person with analytical ability and working in the the field of FEA and I m also working on the field of FEA

You found that your prof (your liked) professing you in wrong direction will you object?? In what way? give some example??

Yes, but not in direct way I will discuss with him and try to convenience with the results and remove the query

Tell me 5 things, which you never do even your boss ask you to do??

Ans:-   To cheat someone

To be dishonest towards the company

To dishonest towards colleague

Have u lead any projects before? How was working with others? How many people did u managed? How does u managed to allocate the work among them? Are anyone dissatisfied with u r orders? What u has done to satisfy them? are u willing to take orders from someone else? 


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