Every Resume should contain these words.

Every word on your resume counts in today's competitive job market. But some words count more than others -- especially those that refer to soft skills.

Soft skills are increasingly important in the workplace. In fact, 86 percent of employers considered soft skills to be among their most important hiring criteria in a recent survey by two University of Massachusetts economists.


Teamwork is more important than ever in the workplace.

The ability to work well with others to accomplish a common goal is vital for a harmonious workplace.

Employees are often organized into teams to manage projects. And many employers believe collaboration increases the quality of work and improves productivity.

A team player is an attentive listener, a cooperative colleague and is willing to help others.


Employers value employees who are self-starters. These workers can generate their own ideas and follow them through to fruition.

A self-motivated worker goes the extra mile. She regularly takes on tasks that may not be part of her job description. She's inspired to work hard not just to reap rewards but also for personal satisfaction.


Employers value workers who are flexible and able to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously. In other words, it's sometimes just as important to be a jack-of-all-trades as a master of one.

You can show that you're flexible by demonstrating a willingness to take on new and varied projects and an ability to handle changing priorities and deadlines.

Ultimately, being flexible doesn't only increase the odds that you'll get a job -- it also improves your chances of keeping it should layoffs occur.


Employers want to know that they can trust workers to handle a project down to the last detail.

Being "detail-oriented" means being organized and meticulous about your work. It also implies that you can work without constant supervision and act independently.

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