Job Requirements:

Eligibility Criteria: 7 CGPA AND ABOVE

Job Profile:

Field Engineers who work on land and sea, in arctic cold and desert heat to deliver services to our customers. The job is physically and mentally demanding. While challenging, it is perhaps the most rewarding and respected job in industry. Field Engineers hold bachelors degree in engineering or applied science.
 As the team leader and the onsite Schlumberger representative, Field Engineer is the first point of contact for our customers and will be responsible for millions of dollars worth of equipment. Oil company professionals will depend on him/her for the expert advice necessary to make major production decisions. Field Engineer must have a combination of technical and leadership skills to motivate and manage your crew and deliver quality service to our customers.
 Field Engineer’s career will begin with both on-the-job and classroom training in one of our centers located throughout the world. All technical theory is taught with an emphasis on practical hands-on training. Field Engineers undergo a fixed-step training program that generally lasts about 40 months. Depending on field engineer’s drive and performance, one can expect to receive 3 promotions within this period. As the career progresses, we"ll offer training on quality, health, safety and environment, finance, management, sales, leadership, communication, that further develops skills to help succeed for management positions. 

Selection Process:

 1. Cv shortlisting
 2. Personal interview

Note: This data is collected from various students across the country.

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