1. in a group of 5 persons a,b,c,d,e one of the person is advogate, one is doctor, one businesss man, one shop keeper and one is professor. three of them a,c,and professor prefer playing cricket to foot ball and two of them b and businessman prefer playing foot ball to cricket. the shop keeper and b and a are friends but two of these prefer playing foot ball to cricket. the advogate is c's brother and  both play same game . the doctor and e play cricket.
(a) who is advogate ?
a, b, c, d
(b) who is shop keeper ?
a, b, c, d
(c) which of the following group include persons who like playing cricket
but doesn't include professor ?
ab,bc,cd, none
(d) who is doctor ?

2. they will give some condition's and asked to find out farthest city in the west (easy one)?

3. travelling sales man problem. some condition will be given we have to find out the order of station the sales man moves (three ques's)

4. +,-,*, /, will be given different meaning  example : take + as * and so on . they will give expression and we have to find the value of that.

5. 3+5-2 =4 which has to be interchange to get the result ?

6. we don't no exact problem.
ex : 8a3b5c7d.....
a wiil be given + sign.
b will be given - sign.
find the value of expression ?

7. find the total number of squares in 1/4 of chess board ?

8. 6 face of a cube are painted in a manner, no 2 adjacent face have same colour. three colurs used are red blue green. cube is cut in to 36 smaller cube in such a manner that 32 cubes are of one size and rest of them bigger size and each bigger side have no red side. following this  three ques will be asked. {in ques paper colors will be different }

9. two ladies, two men sit in north east west south position of rectancular table. using clues identify their position ?

10. clock problem:
(one ques )

11. all men are vertebrate. some mammals are men. conclude.

12. Given a cube, with different colors on its faces, and then is cut into 64 pieces, and the questions relate to the colors of different colored small cubes.

13. A few ladies and gents sit around table in some given order and 4 questions are about their seating arrangement with some restrictions.

14. Draw a venn diagram for 3 items: white, flowers, cloth
Ans : draw 3 circles each intersecting the other, with white kept in the middle.

15. problem related to milk with water added to it for three times
Ans: 20.5 litres

16. Problem related to diagrams. Five diagrams were given and asked to find the sixth one.


1. Max number of nodes in a binary tree with height 3 is 20 : Ans: False

2. 10,20,30,40,50,60 : give the order when put in a queue and in a stack
Ans : Queue : 10,20,30,40,50,60
stack : 60,50,40,30,20,10

3. Debugging is the process of finding
Ans : logical and runtime errors

4. trace the error:
void main(){
int &a;
/* some other stuff here */
Ans: syntax error

5. a problem with a function named 'myValue' will be given and asked to find the value of main() for an argument of 150,
Ans : 150

6. Some problems related to 'for' loops.

7. problem on conditional inclusion.

8. problem related to depth first and breadth first search (DSA subject)

9. study the syntax of malloc function

10. locate the error
int arr (20);
Ans: syntax error. 

Optimize the below 1,2,3,4 questions for time:

1)int i;
if i=0 then i:=1;
if i=1 then i:=0;

2)int i;
if i=0 then i:=1;
if i=1 then i:=0;
(given that i can take only two values (1,0))

3)int i;
if i=0 then i:=1;
else if i=1 then i:=0;
(given that i can take only two values (1,0))

4)int m,j,i,n;
for i:=1 to n do

5) Expand the following

6) In the following questions, answer A,B,C,D depending on when the errors are detected?
A if no error is detected
B if semantic and syntactic checking
C if during Code genration & Symbol allocation
D run time
a) Array overbound
b) Undeclared identifier
c) stack underflow
d) Accessing an illegal memory location

7) How many page faults will occur for below sequence of pages when LRU page replacement algorithm is used (The memory can only have 3pages):
1,2,3,4,2,1,5,2,4 (something like that) 

8) If a CPU has 20 address lines but MMU does'nt use two of them. OS occupies 20K. No virtual memory is supported. What is the maximum memory available for a user program?

9) For a binary tree with n nodes, How many nodes are there which has got both a parent and a child?

10) Understand the funda of incrementing a variable using val++ and ++val. Some programs are given for error correction.

11) Learn datagram. (Computer networks)

12) Which of the following can be zero? (only one)
a) swap space
b) physical memory
c) virtual memory

13) What is a must for multitasking?
a) Process preemption
b) Paging
c) Virtual memory
d) None of the above

14) A question on call by value,
call by name,
call by reference.
y := y+1;
z := z+x;
int a,b;
a := 2
b := 2;
print a;
what is the value of a printed for three different calls in main.

15) Using the following instructions and two registers, A&B.
find out A XOR B and put the result in A
PUSH <reg>
POP <reg>
NOR These instructions operates with A & B and puts the result in
(question basically to get XOR in terms of NOR and AND)

16) int i=0;
int j=0;
if(i = 0)
if(j<= 25)
goto loop
question 1: how many times is the loop entered 

17) Who handles page faults? 
a) OS
b) MMU
c) Hardware logic
d) etc etc....

18) For which of following is it not possible to write an algorithm.
a) To find out 1026th prime number
b) To write program for NP-complete problem
c) To write program which generates true Random numbers.

19) what is the essential requirement for an real-time systems
a) pre-emption
b) virtual memory
c) paging etc...

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