Section A

Directions for questions (1 — 25)

Each of the questions below has four answer choices. For each question, select the best answer

choice given:

QI. What is the total number of different divisors including 1 and the number that can divide the

number 6400?

1)24     2)27     3) 54    4)63

Q2. The 7 digit of (202) is

1) 2 2) 4 3) 8   4) 6

Q3.Vhat is the minimum number of square marbles required to tile a floor of length 5 metres

78cm and width 3 metres 74cm?

1)176 2)187 3) 54043 4) 748

Q4.The sum of the first 100 numbers. I to 100 is divisible by

1)2.4 and S 2)2 and 4 3)2       4 None

Q5.If the price of petrol increases by 25%. by how much must   a user cut down his consumption

so that his expenditure on petrol remains constant?

1) 25% 2) 16.67% 3) 20%       4) 33.33%

Q6. A nader makes a profit equal to the selling price of 75 articles when he sold 100 of the

articles. What % profit did he make in the transaction?

1)100%            2) 75% 3)250%            4)300%

Q7. How long will it take for a sum of money to grow from Rs.l250 to Rs.tO.000. if it is

invested at 12.5% p.s simple interest?.

1)8 years          2)56 years        3) 72 years       4)64 Years

Q8. What will Rs.1500 amount tom three years if it is invested in 20% p.o. compound interest.

interest being compounded annually?

1)2400 2)2562 3)2678 4)2592

Q9. I travel the first part of mvjourney at 40 knipli and the second part at 60 kmph and cover tlse

total distance of 240 km to my destination in 5 hours. How long did the first part of my

journey last?

1) 3 hours        2) 2 hours        3) 4 hours        4) 2.5 hours

Q1O. A man and a woman 81 miles apart from each other, start travelling towrds each other at the

same time. If the man covers Smiles per hour to the women’s 4 miles per hour, how far will

the wonton have travelled when they meet?

1)27     2          3)45     4)36

QI 1. Two trains. 2150 and 160 meters long take a minute to cross each other while traveling in the

same direction and take only 10 seconds when they cross in opposite directions. What are

the speeds at which the trains are traveling?

I) 2lns/s: l5mJs            2) 30 tale: 24nsis         3)18 mis; 27 nvs          4) I Soils; 24m/s

 (Questions 11 — 16) Based on the table given below which gives the sales of different products of a company region wise, answer the following questions.

Region Product A       Product B        Product C        Product D 1

[           4316    201      400      400

South   5189    498      901      501

Central            16616  101      148      601

West    319      1989    198      800

East 429          10! 409 901

Q12. The contribution of central region to total sates of product B is approximately

1)25%  2)2%    3)6%    4)4%

QI 3. If product A sells for Rs. 2 per unit, product B for Rs. 3. product C for Rs. 4 and product D for Rs. t, ‘vhat is the total turnover of the company (in Rs. ‘000)

1) 60.3 2) 60.9 3) 72.7 4) 39.1

Q14. Using data in use previous question, what is the contribution of West Zone to the total tumover of the company?

I) 5%   217%   3)9%’  4) t 1%

QI 5. Which product conthbutes least to the turnover of the company in Rs.?

l)A       2)B      3)C      4)D

Qto. Which regiout contributes the most to the turnover of the company?

I) North           2) South          3) West            4) Central

Qt7. What i.s the probability of getting at least one six in a single throw of three utibiased dice?

1)1,/6   2) 91    3) 1/36 4) t25

Qt8. Two squares are chosen at random on a chessboard. What is rise probability that they have a side iii com

1)118   2)64     3)63/64            4)1/9

Qt9. A college has raised 75% of the amoutut it needs for a new building by receiving an average donation of Rs. 60 from the people already solicited. The people already solicited represent 60% of the people the college will ask for donations. tf the college is to raise exactly the amount needed for the new building, how much must the remaining people must donate per person’!

I) Rs.25           2) Rs. 30          3) Rs. 40          4) Rs. 50

Q20. 10% of4O % of4Q % ofRs. 16.000 is

l)Rs.l000          2)Rs.t600        3          4)Rs,2560

Q2t. When 4 dice are thrown, what is the probability that the same number appears on each of them?

t 1/36   2) 1216            3)1/18  4) 15

Q22. Given that on 27th February 2003 is Thursday. What was the day on 27th February 1603?

I) Monday       2) Tuesday      3) Wednesday 4) l’hursday

Q23. A 4 ens cube is Cut into t cm cubes, What is the percentage increase in the surface area alter such cutting?

1)4%    2) 300%           3)125%            4) sOO%

Q24. The time in a clock is 20 minute past 2. Find the angle between the hands of the clock, 1)60 degrees 2)40 degrees 3)50 degrees 4) none of these

Q25. In how many ways can the letters of the word EDUCATION be rearranged so that the relative position of the vowels and consonants remain the same as in the word


1)91/4  2)911(4! * 5!) 3) None            4)4! * 5!

Q26. Spot the next one in the given series ADGJMF

1)Q      2)S       3)R      4)T


I)S       2)N      3)P


DQ      2)R      3)N


2)P       3)Q

Q30. Complete the series ABCEFG

DL       2)M     3)0

Section B

Directions(3I-35): Each question coistaiiss SIX statements followed by four sets of combinations of three. Choose the set in which the statements are logically related.

Q3t. 1. Some snakes are poisonous.

2. All snakes are nocturnal.

3. All poisonous creatures are snakes.

4. All poisonous creatures are nocturnal.

5. Some snakes are tiocturnal creatures.

6.Some nocturnal creatures are poiscinous

1)165   2)236   3)241

Q32. I. Some smokers are doctors.

2. No smoker is a doctor.

3. All doctors are non-smokers

4. No non-smoker is a smoker.

5. Sonic doctors are non-smokers.

6. All doctors are smokers

1)154   2)245   3)364

4) Q


4) None of these



4) 342

 Q33.    I Some excessive drinkers are managers.

2. All excessive drinkers are debtors.

3. No debtor is a manager.

4. All debtors are excessive drinkers.

5. No manager is an excessive drinker.

6. Some managers are debtors

1)162   21352  3)235

Q34,    I. Some animals are not trained.

2. Elephants are trained animals.

3.All trained animals are in circus.

4.Some trained aninials are elephants.

5. Some elephants are in circus.

6. All animals in the circus are trained.

7. Elephants are in circus

1)327   2)674   3)253

Q35.    I No minister is honest.

2.All judges are honest.

3. Some judges are honest.

4. Some honest persons are ministers.

5. Some judges are not ministers.

6. No honest person is a judge

1)165   2)345   3)56)

Section C

Read the following information and answer the questions that follow.

A, B, G and T are robots and P,Q, R, S ,T& U are machines. No robot can be assigned to more than 1 machine at the same time.

• AandBa

• Band G are required to run machine R

• GandTarerequiredtorunMachineP

• MachineQcanbenmbyonlyA

• Machine S and U can be run by any of the robots independently

Q36. If machine it running which other machines cannot run simultaneously?

1) P&S            2) R     3) T      4) S&T

Q37. What is the maximum no of machines that can run simultaneously?

1)2       2)3       3)4       4)5

Q38. What is the maximum no of robots that will remain idle with a combination of 3 running machines?

1)0       2)1       3)2       4)3


4) 456


 Six runners A B C I) E F compete in a race. The outcomes are as follows.

I. B does not win.

2. Only two ninners teparate E & B

3. A is behind D & E

4. B is ahead of E with one runner intervemng

5. F is a head of B

Q39. Who is fifth

l)A       2)E      3)C

Q40. How many runners separate A and F

1)4       2)1       3)2       4)3

Q41. The nmnerbetween C& Eit

1)1       2)1       3)2

Q42. If the end of the race, runner D is disqualified by the Judges then runner B finishes in which place

1)1       2)2       3)4       4)3

Salman Khan has not decided on which of the 4 novels to buy. He is considering a thriller, mystery, romance and a fiction novel. The books are written by R,G,Bu,Ho and published by Hr,P,Bl and S and not necessarily in that order. The book by R is published by S The thriller is published by Hr The fiction novel is by Bu and is not published by SI The romance is by Ho

Q43. P publishes

1) Mystery       2) Fiction         3) Novel by R

Q44. The Novel by G is

I) Fiction 2) ThrillerbyHr

3) Mystery by Hr        4) Romance by P

Q45. Salman Kisan purchases books by the 2 authors whose names come first and third in the alphabetical order. He does not buy

3) Fiction

Section B        Time: 15 Mm.

Marks: 8

Instructions: Please answer any one of these in the plain sheet given

1. Implement memory allocation and memory free routines inC. Assume a big chunk of memory available for allocation and free.


2. Write a program to count the number of 3 letter, 4 letter and 5 letter words from a file. The words can be separated by a blank, tab-space or a hyphen. If the character ‘#‘ is encountered anywhere, then from there till the next new line needs to be ignored.

4) B

4) None

4) None

1) Mystery 2) Published by P

4) Romance

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