General Technical Test

 Note:- * represents answer

1) Which of the following language is a functional language

a) RPG

 b) Small Talk

 * c) PI/I

d) LISP   

2) What is ATM

a)Automated teller machine

b) all time money

* c) Asynchronous ttransfer mode

d) Acttive test moniter

3) FDDI is a

* a) ring network

b) star network

c) mesh network

d) bus based network

4) Which is pure object oriented language?

 a) Effiel

b) c++

c) object pascal

* d) Small talk

 5) x.25 transfer protocal is used for 

a) packet switching

 * b) circuit switching

c) framing

 d) datagram

6)  What is the binary equivalent of dicimal 269?

a) 100001100

b) 100001010

c) 101001011

* d) 100001101

7) The 4NF is for

 a)related to Multi-Value Dependency

 b)related to transitive dependency

 c) functtion dependency

 d) non trival function or multi value dependency

8) the LRU algorithem

a) pages out pages that have been used recently

b) pages out pages that have notbeen used recently

*   c) pages out  pages that have been least used recently

 d) pages out the first page in given data

  9)  A search procedure which assosiates an address with a key value and  provides a mechanism for dealing with two or more values                  assigned to the  same address to the same address is called.

 a) linear earch

 b) binary search

*   c) hash coded search

 d) radix search

10) a t-switch is used to

a) control how message are passed between computers

b) echo every character that received

 * c) transmit characers one at a time

 d) rearrange the ...

11) EE-ROM is

*  a) electricity erasable

 b) easily           "

c) non              "

 d) effective        "

12) which device can sense inventtary data specified in bar codes?

 a) mouse

 b) light pen

* c) holographs

 d) joysticks

 13)corba stands for ...

* a. common object request broker architecture 

b. combined recovery based system

c. code recovery bench architecture   

d. none of the above

14)which is non-procedural language?

 *   a. effiel

 b. ada

 c. small talk

 d. sql

15)which of the following language supports associative arrays?

 a. pl/i

 b. rpg

*  c.perl

 d. ada

16)which network protocol IBM mainframe and midrange support

   *   a. SNA

   b. TCP/IP

   C. X.25

   d.IEEE 802.5

  17)the achronym DAN stands for acess nettwork

    *  b.distributed area network

  c.desktop area network

  d.disk access node

18)the program fragment that follows is written in a block-structured 

   language . Assume that it is syntactically correct and determine its 



 integer x,y;



     integer x;


 integer y;









a.25 27

b.27 27

c.27 3

d.25 3

  *e.25 25

19)which of the following is responsible for coordinating various

operations using timing signals?

a.arithmetic-logic unit

  *b. control unit

c. memory unit

d. input/output unit

20) microprocessors can be used to make

a. computers

b.calculators systems

  *d.all the above

21)FORTRAN implimentation do not permit recursion because

 * a) they use static allocation for variables

b)     "       dynamic   "             "

c) stacks are not avalible on all machines

d) it is not possible to impliment recursion on all m/c s

22) what does the following code do 

  var a,b :integer


     a :=a+b

     b :=a-b

     a :=a-b


* a) exchange a and b

b) doubles a and stores in b

c)  "      b    "          a

d)  leaves a and b unchanged

e) none

23) for program segament given bellow, which of the follwing are true?

  program     main(output)

  type link = ^data

       data = record

          d : record

          n : link


   var ptr : link;



       ptr :=nil;

       ptr ^.d :=5.2



 a) the programme leads to compile time error

 b)  "               "     run      "    "

 c) the programme produces error relating to nil pointer dereferencing

 e) both b and a

24) what is the output of the program segament belowif the compiler operates

  call byreference?

 procedure CALC(P,Q,R);






   A:=2.5; B:=9.0;



   end; {main}

 a) 1.5

 b) 2.5

 c) 10.5

 *  d) 8

 e) 6.5

 25)  Which of the following is not provided in C?

 a) test loops

 b) grouping and subprograms

 * c) synchronization, coroutines,and parallel processing

 e) all the above

 26) Data encryption

   a) is most used by public billboard networks

 * b)  "        "       "    financial   "

 c) canot       "     private installation

 d) is not necessary ..

  27) An ideal compiler should 

  a) be a smaller in size

  b) produce object code that is smaller in size and executes faster

  c) take less time of compiling

  *  d) all the above          

  28) What will be the value of x and y after execution of the follwing

      statment ( C language)

      n== 5; x = n++; y = --x;

  a) 5,4

  b) 6,5

  c) 6,6

 *  d) 5,5

29) 1  i:=1;sum:=0;



 2   sum:=sum+1;

 3    i:=i+1


 4  until i=n

let"A" represent the initialization(i:=1;sum:=0)of line 1.let"B"represent 

the summing action within the loop(loop 2),and let "i" represent the increment

(line 3).if "T"represents the best contained in line 4,which of the

following regular expressions represents all possiblee sequences of the steps

taken by this program fragment?

a. A(BIT)(BI) T





30)consider the production grammer

S -> AB

S -> BC   

A -> WA

A -> X

B -> Y

B -> ZB

C -> W

consider this grammer together with one and only one of the productions (A)

through(E).what production from the list may not be added to retain its

status as an LL(1) grammer?

a. S -> CA

B. S -> Z

C. C -> Z

D. C -> BC


31)consider the function below:

function calc(x,y:integer):integer;


  if y=1

  then calc:=x

   else calc:=calc(x,y-1)+x


assuming that the invocation call is "calc(a,b)"and that "a"and "b"are 

positive integers,what result does this function return?

a. a*(b-1)

b. a*b

c. a+b

d. a power b

e. a*b

32)in a left-to-right breadth-first search of the tree below,which would be

first terminal node to be explored?





  __/__    __\__

          __B__    _____

a. F

b. B

c. I

d. J

e. E

33. which data struture is needed to convert infix notations to postfix 


a. linear list

b. queue

c. tree

d. stack ans:d

34. recursive procedures are implemented by



c.linked lists


35. A linear list of elments in which deletion can be done from one* ents in which deletion can be 

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