1)Youngs modulus of mild steel
     2.2* 10^6kg/cm2
2)rod of dia(given)length(given)subjected to stress(given) and "E"(given).
    what is increase in length.
3)centipose is unit of...........
4)hardness is measured in
    brinell no.
5)steady rest is used in.......
      i) milling    ii)lathe (2 more option)
ans- lathe
 6)rotating cutter and sliding w/p(process is)
     i)milling   ii)shaping    iii)swaging
7)maxm deflection of beam supported at two ends and loaded at centre
8)cantilever beam failure occurs at ......
9)what type of fit is H9f9
    i)interference fit  ii)shrink fit...etc.
10)surface finish is represented by....
     i)square  ii)circl e iii)rectangle .... none of these
11)broaching is done to produce....
    i)internal keyway   ii)splines...(2 more options)
12)twist drill is specified by
    i)lip angle,dia
    ii)lip angle , material,dia
    iii)dia ,shank, material
13)in diesel engine.. injection occurs ..
    i)20degree btdc
   ii)20 degree atdc
    iii)12 degree atdc...
14)in 4-stroke engine ratio of cam shaft and crank shaft rotation
     i)1:2 ii)2:1 ....etc
15)two gears at 100 rpm and other 300 rpm....driven has m=4 and no. of teeth 60
   distance b/w centre is....
16)reduction ratio ofspur gear
      i)1:4  ii) 1:20  iii)1:10.....
17)cemented carbide tool is used at.....
    low , medium , high or all speed
18)hardness signify....resistence to.
19 )coefficient of friction between cast iron and mild steel....
     i)0.2 ii) 0.3 iii) 0.001  etc.
20)in SAW  arc is struck under flux
     i)to prevent oxidation..(3 more options)
21)which test is used for non ferrous material weld ...
     magnetic particle test
22)clutch is located between.....
     engine and gear box
23)thermal efficiency of diesel engine is....
     i)less than 20% ii)less than 30%...etc
24)in CI engine injection takes place ...
      at the end of compression stroke
25)clearence volume(given)...suction volume(given)
     what is compression ratio.
26)what type of sress  is hertz stress.
     i)tensile ii) shear iii)contact....
27)two helical spring is arranged in parallel ...the stiffness is
     ans- sum of stiffness
28)99% tolerance is
      ans- < 3* (sigma)
 29)two cube is half submerged and other is 2/3 submerged ….
      Ratio of their densities….
      Ans -3:4


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