Bajaj Auto

Placement Experience :

Written Test :

Recruitment Process: written + interview Specify the recruitment process : Tech area or anything else to be concentrated to clear it: Know about ur projects and u should know ur area of interest inside-out Written Test Pattern: 50 questions- 20apti+30tech(or the other way arnd don’t rem) Group Discussion (Specify topics and wat they look for) NOPE Interview (Specific topics for every rounds and wat the interviewers were looking for): Only one round which includes tech+HR HR Round (Any general questions abt character or questions like best thing u hav done etc) Strengths and weakness + Why not higher studies+ family background

Profile Offered :
decided after training

Pay Scale :
  6.51 lpa

Eligibility Criteria :
no supplies or redos

General Advice :

             1.Stay calm n be confident... they specifically look at ur confidence during ur interview the most esp in Bajaj’s case

Details about the Company :

Pune based Tech company; ranked 1 among 2 wheeler manufacturer’s in India

Note: This data is collected from various students across the country.

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