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Placement Experience :

Written Test :

Written test one round( core questions). Topics covered in test are
Basic power system - circuit breaker ,
Relay basic principle ... differential,
Sequence current, zero sequence, currents, sum effects
Machines regarding transformer ... basic test; equivalent circuit of induction motor.
Torque speed characteristics of induction motor;
Motor working principle,
Trans principle.

Shortlisted will be called for GD. Then personal interview on both Tech and HR. Then shortlisted have to go to Kolkata for another interview.

Profile Offered :

Pay Scale : 
4.3 LPA

Eligibility Criteria :

General Advice : Be thorough in the technical part.

Details about the Company :

The company started operations in India in 1935 as the Indian Oxygen and Acetylene Company. It has since evolved into a subsidiary of the Linde Group, bringing you the best international technology and safety standards, while catering to the needs of a wide variety of industries.
More than 20 production facilities, including one of Asia's largest air separation units; 40 warehouses and depots; 100 dealers ; more than 100 dedicated tankers in the distribution fleet; - all this and more give BOC a geographic reach ….which puts us close to our customers in any part of India.

Note: This data is collected from various students across the country.

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