eBay India Product Centre, Chennai

Placement Experience :

Written Test :

There were three rounds of interview. First was telephonic. Other two were in campus. The telephonic interview was eliminative.

Tech area or anything else to be concentrated to clear it:
Interviewers didn’t focus much on tech. Just basics of DBMS (mainly SQL), data Structures, C++ and Java are sufficient.
Interviewers focused a lot on the projects. A good project in a good company would greatly increase the chance of getting selected.

Written Test Pattern:
No Written test.

Group Discussion  (Specify topics and wat they look for)

First Round:
The round was telephonic. As they didn’t give a PPT, the interviewer first spoke about the company, its office in Chennai and the profiles available in Chennai. Then he asked me to tell about myself. He was interested in my project and wanted me explain. He asked very specific questions on the project and wanted to know everything in detail. After that he asked me how I will implement associative array. Then he was asking me very general HR kind of questions like what will you do in your free time, which website you visit often, what do you expect from the company from the company you join, etc. Finally he finished with do you have any questions.

Second Round:
Second round was in campus. The interviewer was from the payments division of eBay. He was talking about how payments work and how eBay earns money and all that stuff.
He again asked questions about the projects mentioned in the resume. Then he asked simple questions like how to convert a string representing a hex number into a decimal number, a few SQL queries, questions about inheritance, and virtual functions from C++.
Third Round:
Third round was easier than the second round. He wanted me to implement a array whose size can be varied dynamically (basically using malloc and realloc). He was asking what programming languages I have used and then asked me about the IDE’s I am comfortable with.

 No HR round

Profile Offered :
They didn’t recruit for any profile in particular. Selected candidates will be placed in any one of the profiles mentioned above.

Pay Scale : 
7.5 lpa

Eligibility Criteria :
CGPA cut off was 8.5

General Advice :
eBay basically takes people with good projects. They don’t focus much on tech or coding.

Details about the Company :

eBay offers an online market place, where buyer and sellers carryout trading. I interviewed with the software division of eBay. eBay Chennai has three focus areas – product development, Quality Assurance, Platforms & Services and Project management.

Note: This data is collected from various students across the country.

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