Futures First

Placement Experience :

Written Test :

Strictly based on CGPA. High CGPA preferred.
Written Test:
Pure aptitude based written test. There were 2 rounds.
First round to be Total 40 questions  to be completed in 6 minutes. It will be calculation based test with simple multiplications, divisions.
Second round will have 30 questions to be completed in 30 mins. Questions from probability and Data Interpretation.
Shortlisted were called for interview. Interview to check the threshold of students to take the  pressure. Many questions from maths will be asked. HR questions too will be there.

Profile Offered :

Pay Scale : 
8.3 LPA

Eligibility Criteria :

General Advice :

  1. Learn to handle the pressure.
  2. If you have real passion towards trading and finance domain, you can apply.
  3. Future first is a good option.

Details about the Company :

 Futures First is involved in Trading domain on the five major futures exchanges in the world. The Futures industry is a major participant in the global economy.
There are over 100 separate futures exchanges which trade every sort of product from interest rates to peanuts from oil to cocoa. However the major exchanges and the ones with the greatest volume and liquidity are The CME, CBOT, Euronext LIFFE, Eurex and the ICE.
When you are working for Futures First, you are participating in these markets where the major investment banks and the largest financial institutions in the world participate. You compete with the best. 
It is not a sales or broking job which we are offering. In this profession you will make decisions on a continuing basis about the events that shape our world, economic, financial, political, environmental and even sports and social news affect the performance of markets. While at Futures First, you are at the centre of these events and can take advantage of events as they occur by using your skills and judgment.

Note: This data is collected from various students across the country.

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