Goldman Sachs

Placement Experience :

Written Test :

Aptitude and Technical
Written test will comprise of:
Objective Paper -35 questions (25 aptitude+10 technical), Time-45 minutes
technical questions will be from C and C++. Mostly it will be of error finding or output type. Normalization of database.
Subjective - 2 Coding questions, Time-25 minutes
Algorithms will be asked
Essay writing will also will be there. Time-5minutes Very general topic like ""If you meet Goldman Sacks CEO in an elevator, what will be your conversation to impress him"". One minute conversation only( remember you are in an elevator)

HR questions will be asked in interviews.

Profile Offered :
Software Engineer

Pay Scale :
7.5 LPA 

Eligibility Criteria : 

General Advice :
  Be prepared about the company. Concentrate on algorithms and C and C++.

Details about the Company :

"At Goldman Sachs, we:

Advise companies on buying and selling businesses, help them manage risks and raise capital, which enables them to grow, launch new products, build factories and invest in research and development. 
Help local, state and national governments finance their operations. This enables governments and communities to make infrastructure improvements, like roads and bridges, hospitals and schools.
Buy and sell equities, bonds, currencies and commodities to facilitate transactions by our clients in all of the key financial markets. This helps businesses of all sizes find the capital they need to help create jobs and fuel growth.
Connect buyers and sellers, linking investors with businesses and governments in need of capital.
Help ensure that markets are efficient and liquid, so investors and companies can meet their needs, whether to invest, raise money or manage risk.
Manage assets for institutions, including mutual funds, pension funds and foundations, as well as individuals, in the form of retirement plans, to help them preserve and increase financial security.
Invest our capital, together with our clients' capital, in growing businesses, which helps create jobs.
Help our clients meet their financial goals.
We understand that by serving our clients well and creating opportunities for economic growth, our own success will follow.

Note: This data is collected from various students across the country.

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