Indian HR network (HR Nexus)

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No idea

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Not disclosed

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General Advice :
Be strong technically

Details about the Company :

Indian HR Network - HR Nexus is a Pan India Network of HR People, which is responsible for taking initiatives related to HR Community in the form of Workshops, Seminars and Conferences.


THE BRIDGE—is an initiative of Indian HR Network - HR Nexus to provide a platform to bridge the gap between Academia and Organizations in terms of what the Academia offers as “fresh pool” and what the organizations expect in this “fresh talent”.

Centre of Excellence in Human Resource Management: Indian HR Network - HR Nexus is starting Centre of Excellence in Human Resource Management Main agenda behind opening Centre of Excellence is to produce Industry Ready Students having Expertise according to the Industry requirements.
Besides the Bridge HR Summit, Indian HR Network - HR Nexus is conducting HR Excellence Awards, National level HR Summit, Regional HR Summits, Industry Specific HR Summits Pan India (for instance Retail HR Summit, Telecom HR Summit etc), workshops & seminars related to general HR issues like attrition & retention, talent management etc as well as specific issues like Performance Management, ERP in HR, Six Sigma and the like.

HR Jobs: Indian HR Network - HR Nexus provide free of cost support to HR Leaders in their career movements globally.

Note: This data is collected from various students across the country.

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