Placement Experience :

Written Test :

Two or three rounds of tech and one HR interview. No written round. In tech questions about Operating system, data structures and C puzzles were asked. In HR, leadership skills and teamwork abilities are what the company ppl look for. and also for integrity. No GD.

Profile Offered :
software engg

Pay Scale : 
7.5 lpa

Eligibility Criteria :
7.5 cgpa

General Advice :

  Any company will primarily check if you have the skills required that meet their demands/requirements. At Btech level they require you know
the basics of your the very basic stuff that is mandatory for any person in that field of engineering. Then depending
on the job profile they might go deeper into any field knowledge of which might be necessary. They look for your willingness to listen to
others opinion, your interest in learning something new. Stubborn individuals are a big turn off. Then they look for leadership
qualities and how loyal you can be . Both characters are absolutely essential for any professional. Confidence in speech and to a extent
communication skills also matter. Their level of importance might vary , private firms care a lot while public sector is not very demanding
when it comes to the above two areas.

Details about the Company :

Chip manufacturing firm, the world leader in silicon innovation, develops processor technologies

Note: This data is collected from various students across the country.

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