John Deere India Private Ltd.

Placement Experience :

Written Test :

Recruitment Process:
The recruitment process had three parts:
1. Technical and aptitude test
2. Technical Interview
3. HR Interview

Specify the recruitment process:
Written test – The written round was for 60 minutes (objective, no negative marking) and
had both technical and aptitude sections.
Interviews – People who scored more than 65% in the written test were directly called for
interview. A GD round may happen if there was a lot of time. The interview was divided into
two parts – Technical and HR. Both are handled by separate groups. Both the interview
rounds happen consecutively without any elimination.

Tech area or anything else to be concentrated to clear it:
The technical part mostly concentrated on subjects like engineering mechanics, strength of
materials, heat and mass transfer and thermodynamics. The basics of gear design were
also touched upon. It’s always good to know the basics from every subject you’ve learnt.

Written Test Pattern:
Aptitude – The aptitude part was really easy and required little or no preparation. A little
speed in working out is required. However, general things like the dimensions of an A2
sheet were also asked.
Technical – Already explained above.

Group Discussion (Specify topics and what they look for)
There was no GD due to lack of time.

Profile Offered :
Graduate Engineer Trainee - They are currently recruiting for both their production line and
for their engineering design centre (both in Pune).

Pay Scale : 

Eligibility Criteria :
6.5 CGPA

General Advice :

        It is always useful to do sufficient research about the company before the interview. Read
a few books on HR interviews and prepare 10 words about yourself (always come in
handy whether they ask you or not). Have some negative points about yourself that don’t
project you too badly (Ex: I sometimes fail to prioritize, concentrating too much on the finer
details). Do not talk about pay package. You should have thought about it before you
register for the company. During the HR interview, if you think you’re running out of ideas,
give the HR person an answer he or she wouldn’t expect (I said I closely follow politics and
Macro-economics, which I actually do). That can give some amount of breathing space.

Any technical interview for mechanical students will invariably involve questions on
strength of materials. Hence make sure you know completely about this subject in addition
to your area of interest. Gradually guide the interview towards your projects, or In-plant
training so that you can answer their questions more comfortably instead of them asking
questions about some random subject. Make sure you know a lot of technical details about
the products which the company manufactures. If you have to ask a question to them, it’s
better to ask them about their future expansion plans.

Never even give them a hint that you’re even applying for higher studies (if
you’re actually planning to). You will be rejected however qualified you are.

Details about the Company :

They are market leaders in the farm equipment sector worldwide. They also manufacture
construction equipment and machinery. Their other activities include embedded systems
and engineering design services.

Note: This data is collected from various students across the country.

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