KEF Holdings

Placement Experience :

Written Test :

Round 1: Written test - Comprehensive, covered everything from apti to tech to basic 11th & 12th stuff. Overall, a very thorough paper. (since it was a foundry profile, they cleared all d meta ppl who sat.)
Round 2: Group Discussion - This was the critical round. Again very thorough. It went on for over 30 mins. We were given individual topics to speak on following d GD. Those who cleared the GD got through.
Round 3: Interview - Namesake... The person conducting the interview was a HR guy. So basically, he only saw whether u were confident. Everyone got through..

The reason they were taking ppl so easily, without any regard to the cg or ipts was because they had recently opened a new plant at Sharjah (my posting), and so were desperately in need of manpower. From UG, 3 of us cleared it - 2 from meta and 1 from prod. Many ppl didn't sit for it, this being a gulf job. Another reason is that the final amt that u get in hand after all d allowances for travel, living insurance etc is only 2500 AED, which is some 30k Rs. But this is only for the first year. Once the training is over, they have promised to hike that amt.

Profile Offered :

Pay Scale : 
5300 AED p/m

Eligibility Criteria : -Nil

General Advice :

 Overall, it is a good company for those who don't mind satying away from home. The conditions are actually better than many of the Indian shop floor jobs. Most of the machinery is automated, and the shop floor is air conditioned, a feature that only L&T has in India.

Details about the Company :

KEF Holdings, is a Dubai-based company and part of a larger conglomerate called Emirates Techno-Castings (ETC). This is one of the few companies that preferred meta ppl over prod and mech.

Note: This data is collected from various students across the country.

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