Placement Experience :

Written Test :

Specify the recruitment process :
Online aptitude test and then HR + Tech interview

Tech area or anything else to be concentrated to clear it:

Building materials, Concrete Technology, Strength of Materials – very imp
Geotechnical Engg and your specific area of interest also to be studied.

Written Test Pattern:

Online Aptitude Test- 50 qts 60 mins

Group Discussion (Specify topics and wat they look for)

Interview (Specific topics for every rounds and wat the interviewers were looking
• One round Interview

Above mentioned topics for tech
Candidates were expected to have the ability to apply the studied theory on
the field and possess some practical knowledge( This is where an ipt helps)
Strong Fundamentals ( very very imp)
Also know what you’ve done in your ipt and project to the last details (
questions are bound to be asked about them)
Clarity of thought and ability to effectively convey your points are necessary

HR Round (Any general questions abt character or questions like best thing u hav
done etc)

Tell me about yourself
What are your strengths and weaknesses
Why should the company give you a job

Profile Offered :
Graduate Engineering Trainee

Pay Scale : 
3.34 during 1st year of training, 4.27 after that

Eligibility Criteria :
no supplies

General Advice :

• Be confident in your approach
• Be willing to learn through the interview also
• And most of all be yourself ( a few penetrating questions are enough to reveal your self, so its better you tell them the truth)

Details about the Company :

Indian MNC involved in Construction, Infrastructure and
Note: This data is collected from various students across the country.

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