North Delhi Power Ltd

Placement Experience :

Written Test :

Shortlisted on the basis of resume. No written test and no GD. Directly PI for the shortlisted students. Personal interview will be mostly core electrical knowledge. More questions regarding academics as well as summer training will be asked from the students. HR related questions will not have much importance.
Profile Offered :
Graduate Engineer Trainee (Electric Power)
Pay Scale : 
Not disclosed
Eligibility Criteria :
General Advice :

                             1.Have thorough knowledge in core electrical topics.
Details about the Company :

North Delhi Power Limited (NDPL) is a joint venture between Tata Power Company and the Government of NCT of Delhi with the majority stake being held by Tata Power. It distributes electricity in North & North West parts of Delhi and serves a populace of 50 lakh . The company started operations on July 1, 2002 post the unbundling of erstwhile Delhi Vidyut Board. With a registered consumer base of around 10 lakh and a peak load of around 1250 MW, the company’s operations span across an area of 510 sq kms.
NDPL has been the frontrunner in implementing power distribution reforms in the capital city and is acknowledged for its consumer friendly practices. Since privatisation, the Aggregate Technical & Commercial (AT&C) losses in NDPL areas have shown a record decline. Today they stand at 14.47% ( as on March 31, 2010) which is an unprecedented reduction of over 74% from an opening loss level of 53%.

On the power supply front too, NDPL areas have shown remarkable improvement. The company has embarked upon an ambitious plan to implement high-tech automated systems for its entire distribution network. Systems such as SCADA, GIS and OTS are the cornerstone of the company’s distribution automation project. To fight the menace of power theft, modern techniques like High Voltage Distribution (HVDS) System and LT Arial Bunch Conductor have been adopted.
Note: This data is collected from various students across the country.

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