Tata motors (manufacturing)

Placement Experience :

Written Test :

Tech+Apti Written test followed by GD and then Interview

Specify the recruitment process :

Tech area or anything else to be concentrated to clear it:
Ur family background
Ur intentions for higher education
Prepare for questions on ur projects

Written Test Pattern:
Each question was timed. Tech questions were hard to crack. Ppl survived for the next round (GD) mainly because of the Apti. Tech questions were very much inclined towards Thermal, fluid mechanics and few manufacturing questions.
Verbal Apti were very easy (comprehension+synonyms+complete the series)
Quant apti were easy but tests our speed as each was timed (mainly on probability, profit n loss, %)

Group Discussion (Specify topics and wat they look for)
Should there only be one ‘universal’ language throughout India?
                                   *they look for the clarity with which u put forth ur points.
                                   *make constructive arguments and be careful abt ur critical remarks on others’ points
                                   *Don’t speak too much or too little.

Interview (Specific topics for every rounds and wat the interviewers were looking for):
                  Only one round of interview. For me it went for 20 minutes. They asked me abt my family background for the 1st few minutes. Then about  my industrial visits. Then questions on Gears. And then quality and modern manufacturing concepts like 5S, TQM, TPM, poka yoke, VSM.
One proper HR question asked was “One outrageous thing I did in my life.

Profile Offered :
Pay Scale : 
4.4-5.8 lpa
Eligibility Criteria :
6.5+ CGPA. No History of Arrears. Age strictly not more than 22 at the time of sitting for the company
General Advice :

                            1.Be calm. Don’t get tense.

                             2.If u don’t know the answer for a particular question, tell then politely that u don’t know..

                             3.pls don’t beat around the bush.

Details about the Company :

Automobile manufacturing company (Heavy, medium, Passenger vehicles)

Note: This data is collected from various students across the country.

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