TVS Motor Company


Placement Experience :

Written Test :


The technical online test was different for different branches.

There were 50 questions to be answered for electronics and electrical branches and 100 for mechanical.

The questions were from all your technical knowledge even from 12th class/grade (see sample questions).

Each question has an individual time limit. After completion of that time another question appeared and the previous question cannot be reviewed. Total 40 students opted and 5(all from mechanical) cleared the round.  GD, EQ ,IQ test and HR interviews were conducted.

First they conducted EQ, IQ test and then GD. The GD topics were not general topics, rather they were case  study  discussion e.g.:

•         India after 2020

•         Draw the figure individually and discuss among yourself.

Technical written test questions:

It was online, the questions are for MECHANICAL

EQ, IQ test:

1. Aptitude knowledge like 15 to be answered in 15 mins

2. Nonverbal reasoning and odd man out from figures (RS Agarwal is sufficient) 20 to be answered in just 2 mins

3. Situational reaction test.

4. Missing sentence or word to be filled up etc.


The PI was of HR only and the selection was CGPA basis as reported.

30 mins was minimum time for interview for a candidate.

Profile Offered : Graduate Engineer Training

Pay Scale :  3.5 LPA (Approx.)  3 years (will consider candidates for higher studies on company expense)

Eligibility Criteria : CGPA greater than 6.0

General Advice :

                               1. Have your aptitude levels strong. Logics,  technical fundamentals and analytical skills are tested.

                                2.Use the time efficiently in the written round. Be precise and stick to the point in the interview.

Details about the Company :

TVS Motor Company is the third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India and is among the world's top ten. It is the flagship company of the parent TVS Group employing over 40,000 people with an estimated 15 million customers. It manufactures motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and auto rickshaws.

Note: This data is collected from various students across the country.

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