Persistent System Limited


Placement Experience :

Written Test :


There were two written test rounds:

Round 1 - Objective type, combination of aptitude and technical questions, they were quite easy. (1hour test).

Round 2- Subjective round (20 min test):

Question: Write a program that reads from a file and removes more than 1 blank space (if any) and writes it in another file.

Question: Write a paragraph on a topic given. 

Interview Experience:

All coding stuff was asked in the technical interview. and then they had HR interview too.

Profile Offered : Graduate Engineer Trainee

Pay Scale :CTC- 3.0LPA (Under training) 

Eligibility Criteria : CGPA >6.5

General Advice :

        1.Coding, software programming, technical area to be concentrated.

Details about the Company :

Established in 1990, Persistent Systems is a technology company specializing in outsourced software product development (OPD). Persistent Systems has delivered over 2,000 software product releases to their 190+ customers in the last five years. 

Note: This data is collected from various students across the country.

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