Placement Experience :

Written Test :


The selection was based on 4 rounds


1) Technical written: C, C++ 2 rounds

a) Find o/ps: 15 questions

b) Write a program: 1 question


2) Essay/email writing


3) Technical interview


4) HR interview


The placement drive started with a PPT talk. As an ETC student being unaware of strong coding i was bit nervous in that session although i have already got an offer letter from TCS. The written round started soon after the ppt and 160 set for the written there wer 15 questions to find out the o/ps of the program. As an ETC student i found the questions to be easy. The questions were barely difficult and very easy just from basic switch statements, recursive fuction (factorial), while. For loop continue and break statements.


Just basic and simple concept is all needed to clear this round.

They just asked me basic C, C++ concepts. My technical interview lasted for 20 mins.

I was selected for the next HR round.


I was confident of the HR round

Profile Offered : software engineer

Pay Scale :  Not disclosed

Eligibility Criteria : Above 6.5 CGPA

General Advice :

                    1.Have in-depth knowledge in programming, be confident in the HR round.

Details about the Company :

MindTree Limited is a global IT Solutions Company specializing in IT Services, Infrastructure Management and Technical Support (IMTS), Independent Testing ,Knowledge Services and Product Engineering, which comprises R&D Services, Software Product Engineering and Next in Wireless (NIW). 

Note: This data is collected from various students across the country.

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