Sasken Communications Technolgies


Placement Experience :

Written Test :


Written test will be of four sections. 



English will have 2 comprehensions and few questions to check the English knowledge. Each section will have 15 questions one mark each.  Usual aptitude questions will be there in aptitude section.  Next section will be from C language. Basics of C language will be tested. Last section will be from Boolean algebra and about electronics. Interview questions will be more about the company and HR based questions will be asked.

Profile Offered : Consultancy and software developer

Pay Scale :  4.5 LPA

Eligibility Criteria : >6.0

General Advice :

                       1. Be good in English. Prepare well for interview.

Details about the Company :

Sasken Communication Technologies Limited (formerly, Silicon Automation Systems, Inc. (SAS)) is a publicly traded (Stock) company based in Bangalore, India, and offers research and development consultancy, wireless software products, software services and network engineering services to semiconductor manufacturers, wireless handset developers, network equipment and test and measurement companies, and service providers globally. According to a Business Today survey, Sasken was ranked the second best company to work for in India in 2005 (rated first in 2004).

Note: This data is collected from various students across the country.

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