Placement Experience :

Written Test :


"Written test will comprise of 7 sections. There will be 90 questions in total and time duration will be 1 hour 50 minutes.  No negative markings will be there.

1.Verbal( English)


3.Mental Ability

4.Data Structures and OS(20 questions,20 mins)

5.C or C++ (20 questions,20 mins)

6.Comprehension( 15minute reading time +10minutes,10 questions)

7.E-mail writing (5 minutes)

Verbal section will have simple prepositions and about putting the correct form of the verb, etc

Aptitude questions will be of CAT level. Mental ability questions will be basic. Questions from series, identifying similar words, etc 

From data structure identification of sorting type, algorithms of the code given, etc type of questions will be asked.

Choice between C and C++ will be there. Questions will be easy. Output and error finding type questions will be asked.

Interview questions will be mostly from the projects that you have done. HR interview will also be there.

Profile Offered : Software Developer

Pay Scale :  2.5 to 4 LPA

Eligibility Criteria : >6.5

General Advice :

                            1.Be technically strong.

Details about the Company :


 Our company is organized into focused market segments and business units that bring more value and innovation to our customers. These focused segments serve as the cornerstone of our market strategy. They include:

Computing, which includes products such as all-in-one PC desktops, notebook and netbook computers, enterprise storage devices and servers;

Industrial, which includes products such as home appliances, industrial meters, in-flight entertainment, robotics, bar code readers, self-service kiosks, solar and wind energy market equipment, test equipment, navigation instruments, radar components, and instrument panel and radio components;

Infrastructure, which includes networking, telecom infrastructure, communications and smart grid equipment (such as base stations, core routers and switches), optical and optical network terminal equipment, and connected home products (such as wireless routers, set-top boxes, and DSL/cable modems) and metering devices;

Medical, which includes drug delivery, diagnostic equipment, telemedicine and disposable medical devices;

Mobile and Consumer, which includes products such as GSM, CDMA, TDMA and WCDMA handsets, home entertainment equipment, game consoles, printers, copiers and cameras.

Our business units provide strategic technologies and augmented services that are leveraged across all segments and product categories to create scalability and to add flexibility and speed to our segments. Flextronics' business units include:

Multek, which provides multi-layer printed and flexible circuit boards and interconnect technologies as well as complex display technologies;

Vista Point Technologies, which offers a comprehensive range of solutions for camera modules that address the unique product considerations of OEMs;

Global Services, which focuses on logistics, reverse logistics and repair operations;

Power, which offers world-class design and manufacturing of semi-custom and custom power supplies and battery chargers for OEMs, with expertise that spans from high efficiency chargers and adapters for the mobile device market to high performance, high power solutions for rack-mounted telecommunications systems, as well as technology in the greater-than 500- watt area;

Retail and Technical Services, which provides competitive and flexible in-store and field services for customer operations.

Our segment and business unit strategy provides the economies-of-scale of our centralized core services such as manufacturing, procurement, logistics and IT and customized, market-specific capabilities offered through industry-specific design, engineering, and original design manufacturing (ODM) services. This enables us to deliver highly-competitive services in an increasingly complex industry that serves a diverse, competitive customer base. Through this strategy, we are able to make fast, flexible decisions in response to changing market conditions.

Note: This data is collected from various students across the country.

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