Arcelor Mittal Total Offer Processing


Placement Experience :

Written Test :


Specify the recruitment process :

Tech area or anything else to be concentrated to clear it:

Welding Tech and Heat Treatment of steel

Written Test Pattern:

50 ques 30 mins ..mcq + match d foll types covering welding tech and steel

Group Discussion (Specify topics and wat they look for)

15 ppl 15 mins .Topic- Can India Bid for Olympics 2020?

2 mins to think

7 were selected from gd

No of points spoken by a guy . those who chipped in with 3 or more points inc

conclusion were selected

Interview (Specific topics for every rounds and wat the interviewers were looking for)

Tech person asked ques bout types of welding and specific applications.

Ques on projects done from ur CV

HR Round (Any general questions abt character or questions like best thing u hav

done etc)

Achievements from CV

How will u handle workforce in a big company?

Working in shifts?

U are asked to do some illegal activities for comp,wat will u do?

Profile Offered : Graduate Engineer Trainee

Pay Scale :  4.75 lpa

Eligibility Criteria : Nil

General Advice :

                                      1.Maintain gud acads , brush up topics studied well.

Details about the Company :

        Largest steel manufacturers. Location Ranipet,Baroda

Note: This data is collected from various students across the country.

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