Rajini Fans sent legal notice to the Super Star


This news item may be the best joke of yesterday.  We Indians, especially, South Indians are the funniest characters.  Because we never clearly understood about who we are and how we should treat people.  If we love somebody, then we make him or her god and if we hate him or her then immediately, we demonise him or her.  But we never treat them as human as we are.  Unfortunately, this aspect also liked and encouraged by the very person, who is idolised.  Of course they encourage, because, it helps them.

I have never seen a leader or a Star (super / Supreme / whatever Star) loved their fans as the fans love them.  This stupid, I repeat ‘Stupid’ (This may enrage some fans), blind followers are lead by some very cunning / shrewd individuals, who exploit these mindless masses to the benefit of their own.

If you see closely, the whole thing is a game for money.  Both the sides (Leaders as well masses) exploit each other.  The star wants his name and popularity should be hyped so that he can charge more for his next film. The fan clubs leaders exploit their position to popularise themselves locally and make money from various sources, like selling the film tickets for the first day shows and collect money from the gullible fans in the name of their Star’s birthday or his dog’s birthday etc.  This I can say has become a confirmed unrecognised business itself.  This trend has not been challenged either morally or ethically by the society, because, everybody, except the last rung gullible fans, is benefited. This includes the media, especially the print media, which plays a vital role in hyping the value of the star.

This behaviour could also be analysed in psychological terms.  That is another story.

The above mentioned legal notice, at least done one thing. It exposes the vary reason of the fan club.  The plaintiff is claiming that they have spent thousands of rupees to promote the star.  What do they want in turn? A Authorised leadership in the local fan club.  Why the local fan club leadership is so important?  Because there is lot of money in it.  Otherwise, why should some body again spends money to go to court to claim his “Branch Manager” i.e. Local fan club leadership, post.

If they claim that they have gone to court to reclaim the love of their leader, then even the dumbest person in the world will not believe it.  Because, Love can not be obtained by Legal Notices.

Is it worth following a Star who never had Great personal qualities?. He Drinks, he smokes and done every thing in the book, a unbelievably rich man would do. Ok.. Has he done anything great for the society.  Unfortunately, a big NO.
There are so many POOR philanthropists in Tamil Nadu who has done much more than him.  Ok..Has he listened to his Fans?. No. He has not met his fans for last 15 years.  He does exactly the same way, Madame Jaya does, which he repeatedly denounced. That is living in a IVORY Tower and getting isolated from the realities. He lets himself surrounded by cronies and he runs his fan club like a Business.  Other wise, why he needs people like Sathyanarayana? who is Mr. Sathyanarayana.? What is his profession?   Nobody knows.  What is his wealth today? Is he paying Taxes?.  No body knows and nobody bothered asking. If he is the manager of Mr. Rajini, then let him say that. 

Anyway, all these questions should be asked by the ‘Intelligent’ Fans of the ‘GREAT’ Super Star, who has failed take a single decision of entering politics  for last 10 YEARS.  Ten years man…Come on..Everybody knows that 10 years a quite long time for a man to think. May be he is a RIP VAN WINKLE?


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