GRE cutoff for US Universities


GRE General Test is one of many factors in admission and is definitely not the most important factor. If your undergraduate University is not very reputable and your own academic record is not stellar, then the importance of scoring well in GRE increases.

Most Universities do not have a GRE cutoff. But at the same time no University likes to admit students with very low GRE scores. 1300 is a score with which you can be admitted to most of the good US Universities. If your target is a good Engineering program, GRE Quant should be 750.

For getting into Universities ranked below 50, 1100 is a decent GRE score, if your academic record is good. Again, it is more important to have a higher quant score.

Some Universities post last years minimum or average GRE score in their FAQ pages. Be sure to read that before deciding on where you want to apply.

We do not recommend retaking GRE, but if you scored less than 650 in quant or 350 in verbal, you may think about studying more and retaking the GRE later.


GRE Cutoff Scores for Top Engineering Programs:


University Average V Average Q
Stanford 541 769
MIT 552 767
UIUC 542 765
UC-Berkeley 551 760
CALTECH 530 773
U of Michigan 533 765
Cornell 568 768
Purdue-W Lafayette 535 741
Princeton 556 777
USC 460 769
UC Los Angeles 470 770
Carnegie Mellon 562 770
GATECH 515 754
U of Texas Austin 539 756
Columbia U 498 749
Wisconsin Madison 600 741
U of MD College Park NA 767
U of Minnesota 580 746
UC Santa Barbara 556 771
UC San Diego 529 758
Ohio State 541 751
Rensselaer 507 742
U of Washington 547 726
Rice U 532 757
VTECH 540 745
Penn State 523 755
U of MA - Amherst 536 732
Northwestern 561 766
Texas A&M 512 747


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