Brief Details of Internship

Gaining work experience while you are in college can be an important part of your career development. Internships and summer jobs give you an opportunity to apply academic concepts in practice, and to explore possible future occupations.

What exactly is an internship?

An internship is a work experience – for example, a summer job – that typically provides structured opportunities to learn about a career field while working in that field. Internships may be with companies, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, other universities, research organizations, and advocacy groups, among others. They are available to students at all levels, from freshmen to graduate students as well as for degreed professionals. Such positions give you a chance to find out what it's like to work in certain occupations and industries. Employers are delighted to see internships on a resume because it makes you already half a colleague. Work experience helps you establish a network of professional contacts that may prove valuable when you look for permanent employment – as mentors, references, and sometimes as champions to help you obtain work in an organization.

How do you find an internship?

Finding an internship is very much like finding a full-time job. Take the time to think about what it is that you want, explore options, and create an effective resume and written materials. There are some excellent internship programs at btechguru, many public and private companies and organizations are collaborated with us to provide the internships to the interested and eligible candidates.

What kind of internship are you looking for? Some useful questions to ask yourself:

  • What do you want to get out of the internship experience?
  • What skills would you like to develop?
  • What industry would you like to learn more about?
  • Where do you want to be geographically?
  • What type of working conditions appeal to you?
  • Would you like a structured or unstructured program?
  • What kind of people would you like to work with?
  • What knowledge and skills do you have to offer?
  • What skills do you most enjoy using?

Where can you look to find internships?

  • Companies that recruit for interns through BTECHGURU
  • Newspapers, journals, publications
  • Company websites
  • Internet jobsites, bulletin boards
  • Network: ask friends, seniors and your faculty.

When should you look for an internship?

Summer is the good time for applying the Internship program in general; it's good to start talking with us early in the Academic year, as some companies have deadlines. In theory it's never too late to search for a summer internship, but your options are greater if you are actively looking during the November as February is a very busy internship search month. Check individual programs for their deadlines. If you are interested in an internship overseas, you should start your search at least six months to a year in advance, depending on the countries and positions that interest you.

How about compensation?

Most internships in industry and in the executive area of government pay a reasonable to good stipend. Many in the nonprofit sector pay little or nothing. If you don't need the money, the experience and networking in an unpaid internship can still be extremely valuable.


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