Voice and Accent

In this course, our experts will teach you neutral accent which would help you to communicate properly with others. Especially, if the candidate is a professional, this course would be of immense help in communicating with International clients. After sincerely following this course, you would be able to find a noticeable change in your communication clarity and comprehensibility.

Mother tongue influence has a huge impact on the English pronunciation and comprehension. To create a positive impact on customers, international clients, workplace colleagues and other people to whom you communicate, accent neutralization online training course offered by our experts will be of great help.

Course Objectives:

To become perfect in English language which helps in perfect communication
To attain a neutralized accent
To communicate efficiently with International clients
To develop the ability to talk confidently and pronounce correctly

Course List:

Introduction to Voice and Accent
Mother Tongue Influence
Voice Clarity & Jaw Exercises
Consonant Clusters
Phonetics, Consonant and Vowel Sounds
Minimal pair
Voiced Consonant Sound

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