Spoken English

In this subject you will learn various topics like Greetings, Thanking, Apologizing, How to tell time?, Congratulating, Giving Directions, Shopping, Travel and Transport, Complaining, Giving Instructions, Advising and Sympathizing , Requesting and Warning People, Debate.

Functional Grammar

In this Subject you will learn about Types of Sentences, Parts of Speech, Articles and Direct and Indirect Speech.

Reading,Writing and Listening Skills

This Subject covers Reading Skills, Writing Skills and Listening Skills.


The most challenging thing that could ever happen to you is to have creative ideas and thoughts and not being able to convey them, be it a work environment or personal life. We are here. Use this course on communication to transform your thoughts into effective communication and thence, into actions. Our COMMUNICATION SKILLS course will help you learn communication techniques and unblock all the barriers to your professional progress.

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