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Chapter 1: Rankine, with regeneration and reheat
Vapor Power Cycle - Ii
Chapter 2: Brayton Cycles with regeneration and reheat
Gas Power Cycle - Iii
Chapter 3: I.C Engines -Airstandard Otto
Gas Power Cycle - I
Chapter 4: I.C Engines-Diesel Cycles
Gas Power Cycle - Ii
Chapter 5: Vapour Refrigeration Cycle
History Of Refrigeration
Chapter 6: Heat Pumps, Gas Refrigeration
Review Of Fundamentals
Chapter 7: Reverse Brayton Cycle
Air Cycle Refrigeration Systems
Chapter 8: Moist Air
Chapter 9: Psychometric Chart
Chapter 10: Basic Psychometric Process
Psychrometric Processes
Chapter 11: Pelton Wheel, francis & Kaplab Turbines-Impulse & Reaction Principles
Impulse Turbine
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