BankExamReady is a learning platform that helps students to prepare and perform well in bank exams. BankExamReady combines best practices of traditional learning and technology enabled learning. Students will be able to learn, practice, revise and perform well in bank exams. BankExamReady platform provides LIVE sessions, videos, assessments and practice exams.This learning platform is developed by experts in various domains from the Industry and Academia.

Features of BankExamReady

  • Detailed learning plan is adopted to ensure high impact in learning.
  • Fundamental Concepts Explained Through Videos and LIVE Sessions.
  • Problems Solved in Video to cover all the topics in the Exam Syllabus.
  • Previous Year Bank Exam Papers Solved in Videos and LIVE Sessions.
  • Doubt clarification sessions.
  • Topic Level Tests for self assessment.
  • Monthly Practice Tests (Mock Tests) at National Level.

FREE Practice test for Self Assessment

  • Register in btechguru to take the free test.
  • Test is Multiple Choice Quiz Type.
  • Syllabus: Verbal Ability, Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning.
  • You can participate only once.
  • Once student submit the test, he will not be able to revisit the test again.
  • Once the timer clocks 0 sec, your test will be auto-submitted and results will be shown.
  • Do not close the browser or tab with out submitting the test. If you do so, your marks will be Zero.
  • Selection of students for further rounds will be done by Btechguru Team.
  • Please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser to write the Exam. Avoid using Internet Explorer.