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Chapter 1: Introduction
What Is Operating System?
Operating System Part 2
Introduction To Real Time Operating System
Operating Systemspart 1
Introduction And Course Logistics
Chapter 2: History of Operating Systems
Operating Systems History, Services, And Structure
Operating Systemshistory (cont)
Operating Systems
Chapter 3: Operating Systems Structure
Making System Calls
Chapter 4: Process
Process Synchronization
Chapter 5: Threads
Threads And Events
Creating Threads
Process And Threads
Chapter 6: CPU-Process Scheduling
The Multiprogramming System
Cpu Scheduling
Chapter 7: Schedule Algorithm
Scheduling In Operating System
Scheduling Fcfs
Scheduling Round Robin
Chapter 8: Interprocess Communication
Implementing Mutual Exclusion, Semaphores, Monitors, And Condition Variables
Chapter 9: Deadlock
Deadlocks Part1
Operating Systems Deadlock
Deadlock Cpu Scheduling
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