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Chapter 1: General Concepts
Introduction To Data Structures And Algorithms
Queues And Linked Lists
Data Structures And Algorithms
Algorithm Design Techniques : Basics
Data Structures And Algorithms
Ntroduction To Data Structures And Algorithms
Chapter 2: Linear data structures
Data Structures
Stack Frames
Data Structures - Stack
Data Structures - Queue
Priority Queues
Linked Lists
Queue Data Stucture
Queues And Linked Lists
Chapter 3: Trees
An Introduction To Trees & Data Structure
B-tree Example
Binary Search Trees
Insertion In Red Black Trees
Chapter 4: Algorithm Design Techniques
Overview Of The Course
Overview Of The Course
Dynamic Programming
Dynamic Programming - Linear And Integer Problems
Algorithm Design-i
Problem Decomposition By Recursion-i
Chapter 5: Hashing
Hashing Searching Sketching
Visual Basic Hash Table
Divide And Conquer -ii Median Finding
Divide And Conquer -iv Closest Pair
Chapter 6: Graphs and Digraphs
Dfs In Directed Graphs
Data Structures For Graphs
Introduction To Graphs
Depth First Search
Minimum Spanning Trees
The Union
Data Structures And Algorithms
Chapter 7: Sorting
Data Structures And Algorithms
Bucket Sort, Counting Sort
Bucket Sort, Counting Sort
Bucket Sort
Heap Sort
Data Structures And Algorithms
Merge Sort
Mergesort Sorting Algorithm In Java
Insertion Sort
Bubble Sort Algorithm
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