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Chapter 1: Machine instructions and addressing modes
Data Path Controller : Micro Programmed
State Machine Design
Controller Design: Microprogrammed And Hardwired
Controller Design (contd)
Addressing Modes
Chapter 2: ALU and data path
Introduction To Computing
Chapter 3: CPU control design
Introduction To System : Hardware
Chapter 4: Memory interface
Cpu-memory Interaction
Quality Of Service
Chapter 5: Input-Output interface (Interrupt and DMA mode)
Introduction To System : Software
Interrupt-driven I/o
Processor Activities
Dma: Direct Memory Access
Chapter 6: Instruction pipelining
Processor As A State Machine
Data Path Architecture
-typical Micro Instructions
Chapter 7: Cache and main memory
Introduction To Memory System
Cache Organization
Cache Organization
Virtual Memory
Virtual Memory
Virtual Memory
Chapter 8: Secondary storage
Computer Organization
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