It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mrxxxxxx whom I have known for the past two years. He has been a student in four of my courses during which I got to know him very well.


I have observed that xxxxxxxxxxxx is bestowed with excellent temperament, sincerity and motivation. He is highly industrious and organized. He is smart and intelligent person equipped with good analytical, reasoning and communication skills. He has a very good academic record, and this should be enough evidence of his seriousness towards education. I enjoyed his presence in my class, since he was one of the few students who frequently intervened during my lectures with interesting questions and observations. He displayed a strong pragmatic attitude while working on the assignments given to him.


He has been very active in the academic as well as co-curricular activities in the institute. I believe he has been one of the few students who have managed to balance their life in XXXXXX (COLLEGE NAME), demonstrating fine ability to work hard. His choice of courses and performance clearly indicate his interest and enthusiasm in pursuing higher studies in transportation engineering. I am positive that xxxxxxxxxx will excel in his professional career. Without an iota of doubt, I am convinced that he will be able to meet the high academic standards set by your university.


I very strongly recommend xxxxxxxxxxxxxx for your graduate program in xxxx Engineering (with specific focus in xxxxxxxxxx Engineering), with full financial assistance to enable him in achieving his academic and career goals.

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